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    Re: Tennis Players Random, Random

    The rackets moved the return to the returners' advantage.
    Years ago, when some people were saying that the new rackets would make the serves unreturnable, Mark Phillipousis (a huge server at the time) was invited to serve with a wood racket. He lost only 2-3 MPH on his serve. But the new rackets have really helped the returners. In the past, a great returner like Connors or Borg had to make a full turn and then swing with a complete follow through. Nowadays, look at Nole. He blocks so many returns, sending them back with accuracy and power because of the 105 sq-in surface (Connors' T-2000 had 62).
    So what Suliso says. Nobody has tried to consistently serve and volley and be successful at it. Mizha Zverev and Nicolas Mahut have tried and see where that led them. So it would take some supernatural talent to make it work. And Taylor is very talented, but supernatural is another level.
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    Re: Tennis Players Random, Random

    Old Zverev and Mahut are probably perfect examples of what Townsend could do. Zverev peaked at 25th. Mahut at 37th. You could also look at PH Herbert (36th). Strycova (16th) or Lisa Raymond (15th) might be her best case scenario.

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    Re: Tennis Players Random, Random

    Guess what happened when I looked up Lisa Raymond's peak singles ranking? She's part of the unretirement bonanza!

    She's coaching Kiick, and they're going to play a handful of doubles tournaments together next year. They already played one 60k, winning one match, so Lisa has a professional ranking again (just outside the top 1000).

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