It's time again for me to ask our TATeurs to chip in, if they can, to help pay TAT's bills for the coming year. This isn't something I enjoy doing, but what we bring in this time of the year is a big help. As always, it's important to know that TAT is not in danger of going away regardless of what we bring in during this drive. But it is helpful if those who are able, and want to, to help out. The drive will last through the month of December, or when the goal is reached.

The money we bring in from Google ads has dropped considerably over the past few years. I assume due to people using ad-blockers. But we still have several people who host their website on our server which helps considerably. Here's the breakdown:

Server cost - $2,388 ($199/month)

Google Ads = $335.00 (based on this year)
Hosted Websites = $635.00
Total Income = $970.00

Shortfall = $1418.00

I'll pay PayPal's fees, which were $52 last year, as my contribution, and whatever the difference is between what we need and what we take in.

Please understand that meeting this goal, or any part of it, is not necessary to keep TAT rolling. Please don't feel obligated, all contributions are totally voluntary.

Thanks to all who have supported TAT financially over the years and who will, undoubtedly, support TAT now and in the future. Your generosity is appreciated more than you can know.


The easiest way to donate is to use our PayPal account. You can do so by clicking on the "Support TAT" button in the navigation bar at the top of our pages.