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    Predictiion Scores : Week of 100118

    This week's results can be found at the following link:

    You can use the tabs at the bottom of the report to show sorted results by category.

    Our winners for the week are 3mlm and Omegadoom with James7 finishing third.

    In the ATP, 3mlm finished first.

    In the WTA, PtMcMahon finished first.

    Congratulations to this week's winners and high-scorers!

    Now, here are the contestants that qualified for Singapore, which is a separate prediction contest from the year-long one.

    1, 3mlm
    2. AtlPam
    3. Miles
    4. James7
    5. MysterX
    6(tie) Omegadoom
    6(tie) Patrick
    8. Tenedab

    1(tie). TennisAnyone74
    1(tie). BHar11
    2017 & 2018 Australian Open Champions

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    Re: Predictiion Scores : Week of 100118

    Funny, I won WTA, but I didn't even give the Shanghai winner (Woz) a single match! Even with this "win" it didn't get me out of last for the race to Singapore among people who actually picked every tournament too... way too little way too late.

    Also, in ATP Tokyo I finished 4 points. Feast or famine continues!
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    A Canadian Slam winner? Inconceivable!

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    Re: Predictiion Scores : Week of 100118

    For giggles I overlaid the YTD WTA scores (all tournaments).

    7 of the top 8 there qualified in the list of 8 above. The eight (TA74) is one of the alternates. Patrick jumped in to take one of the eight spots but is not in the season long list.

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    Re: Predictiion Scores : Week of 100118

    Missing Montreal just killed my chances. I knew it then, but seeing that was really the case now sucks even more. Oh well, maybe next year.

    Congrats to everyone who qualified.


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