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    Re: 2018/2019 TAT Fantasy Football

    Weekly recap. On a serious tone of grave voice.
    4 of the 5 teams that ended TNF ahead went on to win their matches (sniff). The Shadows, despite spotting the Fumblenators (sniff sniff) an 83 points advantage, came back and scored (gonk) 245 points on Sunday, to basically crush the (sniff gonk!) aptly turnover-prone misfits. Despite this, The Fumblenators still managed over 200 points, one of six teams to do so. It was not good enough (bwaaahhhh!!!).
    The Old Bays kept their usual, methodical way and crushed the Wildcats, who have been running a terrible streak. It was their fourth loss in a row, bringing this proud team to the bottom of the standings. They once were as high as 2nd, sporting a 4-2 record, but those days are gone. They now inhabit the cellar together with the Beavers, Fumblenators (Tito, please bring me a tissue!) and TAT Entertainers, who all are at 4-6 (but TAT has actually moved UP).
    On the opposite side of the streaks, a big shout to Fastback, who started the season at 0-4 and is now 5-5, sitting on position 5. He has gone 5-1 in the last 6, and it is kind of weird: he actually came DOWN one spot because the Snakes have Tie-breaks over most people and moved up 6 spots.
    Again, there are only three teams with favorable scoring, and another weird factor: the #1 team sits on top with points scored, but the #2 and #3 are 7th and 8th in the table. TAT remains down there despite having a positive differential, with over +100.
    The Shadows are also an interesting team. They are loaded with talent (Mahones, Brees, Aaron Jones, David Johnson, Michael Thomas) and this week they go against the leader, The Old Bays. That might be a great match up.
    The Old Bays might have to play really well. It might not be easy for them this week. Then again, what do I know. I am just the Commish.
    Good luck this week. With only four games remaining, The Old Bays have basically secured a play off spot, but everybody else has a chance. Including the 4-6 teams.
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