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    Re: The Manafort/Stone/Epstein Trials

    Via @ julie k. brown
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    US Attorney’s press conference on Jeffrey Epstein indictment

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    Re: The Manafort/Stone/Epstein Trials

    julie k. brown
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    Among those handling the Jeffrey Epstein prosecution is Maurene Comey, a sex crimes prosecutor and daughter of former FBI director James Comey. #perversionofjustice @MiamiHerald
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    Re: The Manafort/Stone/Epstein Trials

    julie k. brown
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    US Prosecutor Geoffrey Berman: “we were assisted by some excellent investgative journalism.”

    Epstein is a significant flight risk, and prosecutors intend to keep him in jail until trial = no bail.

    NEW: Nude photographs of girls recovered by authorities in through Jeffrey Epstein search warrant.
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    Re: The Manafort/Stone/Epstein Trials

    Sex trafficking charges against Jeffrey Epstein unveiled
    JULY 08, 2019 11:11 AM, UPDATED 21 MINUTES AGO


    An indictment charging Jeffrey Epstein with sexually trafficking multiple underage girls was unsealed in federal court in New York City on Monday, the latest twist in a decade-old legal saga.

    The globe-hopping multimillionaire was expected to appear later during his arraignment at the federal courthouse in Manhattan. A throng of journalists were camped outside the courthouse, waiting to head inside for a glimpse of the defendant.

    The charging document says Epstein, from 2002 to at least 2005, enticed girls as young as 14 to come to his estates in Manhattan and Palm Beach for what were supposed to be massages. Instead, he induced them to engage in sex acts, according to the indictment.

    Epstein would pay the girls hundreds of dollars in cash after the encounters, then, in what resembled a sexual pyramid scheme, he would allegedly pay them more to recruit other young girls to perform similar acts.

    There were dozens of victims, the indictment states.

    In 2007, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Alexander Acosta, had built a similar case against Epstein, going so far as to produce a 50-plus page indictment.

    The indictment was discarded, though after Acosta — now President Donald Trump’s secretary of labor — secretly met one-on-one with Epstein’s lawyer, Jay Lefkowitz, in October of that year, at a West Palm Beach Marriott.

    The non-prosecution agreement immunized not only Epstein, now 66, but several other unnamed individuals.

    As part of the deal at that time , Epstein was allowed to plead guilty to two state prostitution charges involving a 17-year-old girl, and he served 13 months in the Palm Beach County jail. The deal agreement sealed, however, so that no one — not even his victims — knew the details about the agreement until nearly a year later. By that time, Epstein had already been released from jail and had returned to his jet-setting life.

    After remaining dormant for years, the case gained new attention last November when the Miami Herald published an investigation, Perversion of Justice, that described the extraordinary behind-the-scenes efforts made by prosecutors and defense attorneys to keep the non-prosecution agreement secret from victims, so they could not object.

    Epstein was arrested Saturday at New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport after returning from Paris on his private jet.

    On Wednesday, a federal appeals court in New York ordered the unsealing of up to 2,000 pages of documents that are expected to show evidence relating to whether Epstein and his partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, were recruiting underage girls and young women as part of an international sex trafficking operation. Maxwell, 57, has never been charged..

    As part of its investigation, the Miami Herald was able to identify nearly 80 girls who allegedly were molested by Epstein. Four of the victims, now in their late 20s and early 30s, spoke on video about how they were traumatized first by Epstein, then by his lawyers and private investigators, and finally by the prosecutors themselves, who disposed of the case without telling them.

    One of the victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, said that she was forced by Epstein and an associate Ghislaine Maxwell, to have sex with a number of wealthy and powerful politicians, academics and government leaders, including prominent attorney and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew. Both have denied having sex with Giuffre.

    Giuffre has never named any other other men, largely because she has been afraid, her lawyers said.

    In October 2017, as the #MeToo movement spurred a national conversation about the sexual harassment and abuse of women, the Herald had already begun examining the Epstein case. Earlier that year, following Acosta’s nomination as labor secretary, the Herald began to take a closer look at what role he played in Epstein’s controversial plea bargain. In the 10 years since Epstein’s case was closed by the FBI, about two dozen civil court cases had been filed, often alleging that Epstein’s sex crimes with underage victims were far more serious than prosecutors led the public to believe.

    The vast trove of litigation included tens of thousands of pages of court pleadings, motions, appeals, depositions, hearing transcripts, judges’ decisions, witness and victim statements, as well as emails and letters between federal prosecutors and Epstein’s defense lawyers.

    Besides sorting through volumes of court documents, the Miami Herald also began the process of trying to locate Epstein’s victims — most of whom were labeled in court documents as Jane Does in order to protect their identities as minors. Many of the women said they had never told anyone of the abuse because they were too ashamed and already felt that the criminal justice system had failed them.

    The Herald also obtained 10 years of public records connected to the Epstein criminal cases. These included the Palm Beach State Attorney’s Office files, the Palm Beach police files, and records from the Florida Department of Corrections, the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice.

    The story behind the Miami Herald’s investigation
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: The Manafort/Stone/Epstein Trials

    Amee Vanderpool

    Keeps coming up: previous Acosta case in FL where victims were never notified, which is required by law. Keep in mind, as we watch SDNY do everything by the book here, it will emphasize how truly egregious the actions of Acosta's team and the FL judge were. #JeffreyEpsteinArrest
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: The Manafort/Stone/Epstein Trials

    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: The Manafort/Stone/Epstein Trials

    This can't be said often enough!

    Virginia Heffernan
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    Jeffrey Epstein, who didn’t go to college, is a billionaire, who started off work at the $$$ Dalton School, teaching teenagers, when he was inexplicably hired without a college degree by US AG BILL BARR’s FATHER, then the head of school.
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: The Manafort/Stone/Epstein Trials

    Adam Klasfeld
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    Prosecutors: Epstein tried to "harass or tamper with witnesses," and hired private investigators who "'forc[ed] off the road' the father of an individual relevant in the investigation," in an "alarming" incident.

    Govt's 10-page bail memo, @CourthouseNews:

    Epstein's Manhattan property alone, the one prosecutors want to seize, is owned via an LLC and valued at $77 million.

    That's not counting his private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, or other properties in Palm Beach, Florida; Stanley, New Mexico; and Paris, France.

    "Entities controlled by" Epstein own at least two private jets.

    Among other things, this will be a stunning story of the global shadow economy.

    BREAKING: Authorities found "at least hundreds--and perhaps thousands--of sexually suggestive photographs of fully- or partially-nude females," some of whom "appear to be" underage girls. Some were in a "locked safe."

    One of those girls' counsel corroborated she was underage.
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: The Manafort/Stone/Epstein Trials

    Ian Madrigal - The Monopoly Man
    30 Nov 2018

    “Jane Doe” alleges Donald Trump sexually assaulted her on four separate occasions, culminating in a rape when she was just 13 at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion.

    Her evidence? Three sworn declarations – from her, a friend she confided in at the time, AND one of Epstein’s recruiters.

    This case was filed in New York federal court in 2016. You can read her pleading here:

    The case was NOT dismissed. Jane withdrew her complaint on November 4, 2016, saying she was “afraid to show her face” due to “numerous threats” against her.

    Jane came to New York in June 1994 “in the hope of starting a modeling career.” She soon met "Tiffany," who offered to bring her to parties where she could meet folks in the business - hosted by Epstein.

    This is eerily similar to tales of recruiters in @MiamiHerald's reporting.

    Jane claims Trump had “sexual contact" with her at four parties she attended that summer. She understood both Trump and Epstein "knew that [she] was 13 years old.”

    The fourth time, she says "Trump tied me to a bed, exposed himself to me, and then proceeded to forcibly rape me."

    Jane is not the only witness offered in this filing. A woman using the pseudonym “Joan Doe” attests that she is willing to testify that Jane told her about the sexual encounters with Trump and Epstein “in the 1994-95 school year.”

    Here is her sworn declaration:

    Jane also filed a sworn declaration from Tiffany, who says Epstein employed her starting in 1991 “to get attractive adolescent women to attend these parties.”

    Tiffany corroborates Jane’s story and claims to have “personally witnessed” the four encounters between Jane and Trump.
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: The Manafort/Stone/Epstein Trials

    Shimon Prokupecz
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    Prosecutors just told the court that in the last 36 hours the office has been contacted by attorneys and people who said they were victims, none of whom the office has previously spoken with.
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: The Manafort/Stone/Epstein Trials

    erica orden
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    A DOJ official says that Barr has consulted with career ethics officials at DOJ and he will not recuse from the Jeffrey Epstein case in SDNY, @evanperez reports.

    Barr has been & will remain recused from any retrospective review of the resolution of the earlier case in Florida.
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: The Manafort/Stone/Epstein Trials

    Matt Pearce ��
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    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: The Manafort/Stone/Epstein Trials

    Acosta, Who Cut Deal With Epstein, Tried to Slash Anti-Trafficking Program by 80 Percent
    His proposal came under fire at the time from a congresswoman who noted his sweetheart deal with accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

    Jackie Kucinich
    Washington Bureau Chief
    Emily Shugerman
    Gender Reporter
    Updated 07.10.19 11:56AM ET / Published 07.10.19 9:43AM ET

    On Jan. 2, 2018, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta released a statement commemorating the beginning of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, recommitting his department’s mission to “ending practices that harm individuals, families, and communities.”

    “We must act to end exploitation and abusive labor practices at home and abroad,” the statement said.

    Absent from that statement was the fact he had already tried to cut a program by nearly 80 percent inside the Department of Labor dedicated to combating human trafficking, along with child and forced labor, internationally. And two months later, he would return to Congress to advocate for a second budget to cut the program just as deeply.

    His proposal came under fire from a congresswoman who noted a chapter from Acosta’s past: As U.S. attorney in the Southern District of Florida, Acosta granted a sweetheart deal that allowed convicted sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein to plead to one count of prostitution and serve out 13 months of an 18-month sentence prison sentence (in which he was allowed to leave jail to go to the office most days) despite allegations he molested and trafficked countless underage girls.


    The cut to the International Labor Affairs Bureau (ILAB)’s budget in the 2020 budget —reducing the funding level to $18.5 million, attracted the attention of Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA), who asked Acosta about the department’s responsibilities as they related to human trafficking during a hearing about his department’s funding request in April 2019.

    “The problem is a large one," Acosta told Clark. "The Department of Labor recently issued a report and it actually detailed 1,700 recommendations that could be looked at around the world to address this.”

    “That is excellent,” Clark responded, with a smile. “And I know that there are hundreds of thousands of adults and children who are victims of sex and labor trafficking in the U.S. Glad you are looking at it, glad you’ve detailed a comprehensive strategy.”

    Her smile disappeared.

    “But you’ve also proposed a budget cut, almost 80 percent, 79 percent to ILAB where this work is done, bringing its budget from $68 million to just $18.5 million,” she said. “I’m sure you’ve come prepared to justify this cut to us, but it doesn’t go unnoticed that this isn’t the first time that you’ve ignored human trafficking.”

    “How can we expect you, the Labor Secretary, to fight for American workers if you couldn't even fight for these girls?” she asked, as Acosta initially stared at her blankly.

    The International Labor Affairs Bureau’s office of child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking has several functions, including producing an annual authoritative, congressionally-mandated report on child labor and human trafficking globally as well as maintaining a list of products and source countries that the office has reason to believe use child and forced labor. It also helps fund programs in countries through civil society organizations and other non-governmental groups to address the root of child labor and trafficking, according to a source with knowledge of the bureau’s operation.

    The Department of Labor did not respond to a request for comment as to why this program was chosen for cuts, but a 2017 press release announcing the department’s 2018 budget request states the government will save “$68 million by refocusing the Bureau of International Labor Affairs on ensuring that U.S. trade agreements are fair for American workers.”

    In an interview on Wednesday, Clark said the attempt to defund this program “speaks to the priorities of this administration and specifically Secretary Acosta that they would, in essence, make the bureau inoperable.”

    “This is the program within the Department of Labor that really promotes a fair global playing field for workers in the United States and specifically it does it by looking at forced labor for children and human trafficking, all that sexual exploitation that sadly we see too often,” she said.

    She added, “What it showed me is that Secretary Acosta has a pattern of not recognizing the priority of these issues. He certainly did that in Florida when he chose the powerful and the wealthy over child victims and a 53-page indictment that had been put together by his office."

    Advocates have also decried recent decision by the Department of Labor to stop issuing certain visas to victims of human trafficking or other workplace crimes until the victims consult with another law enforcement agency like the FBI.

    Erika Gonzalez, an attorney with the Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking, told The Daily Beast the change means victims will have to jump through “a lot more hoops” to get the relief they need. She compared the policy change to the Epstein plea deal, which Acosta did not clear with the billionaire’s victims before accepting.

    “What the Epstein case shows is when these policies around human trafficking are implemented, they’re not necessarily considerate of the impact on the victims themselves,” Gonzalez said. “With the Department of Labor asking the FBI to look into [workplace violations] first, they’re adding another barrier for victims of trafficking to access the services the Department of Labor has.”

    Other anti-trafficking organizations went further, saying the Epstein case shattered their trust in Acosta’s ability to protect victims of sex and labor exploitation. ECPAT-USA, an anti-child-trafficking organization, wrote a letter to Trump this week calling for Acosta to be fired.

    “How can you in good faith be trusted to carry out labor laws when you can’t even enforce sex trafficking laws among children?” Joe Huang-Racalto, ECPAT’s government relations director, told The Daily Beast.

    “With the scourge of labor trafficking in this country, the refusal to address recruiter fees, and companies that aren’t playing by the rules, we should [be able to] depend on the Secretary to enforce them—and we don’t.”
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: The Manafort/Stone/Epstein Trials & Scandals

    Adam Klasfeld
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    NEW: Jeffrey Epstein's attorneys want to disclose information about his finances under seal.

    The day his indictment was unsealed, prosecutors said Epstein refused to answer questions about his wealth to the government or pre-trial services. cc: @CourthouseNews

    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: The Manafort/Stone/Epstein Trials & Scandals

    Acosta resigned under the mounting pressure.
    I disapprove of this message

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