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    Re: WTA P5 Montréal 8/3-8/12 2018

    It can't be said enough that that Final was one of the best ever WTA matches. It had the drama of Halep asking her coach for a consult and his refusing. It had Stephens for once playing as if she cared in a non Slam Final.

    And the shot making! It was very warm in Montréal yesterday and the two played balls to the wall, high quality tennis throughout.

    I'm meh about the kits but they do create the same kind of sweat stains those unfortunate Fila kits did for Clisters.
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    Re: WTA P5 Montréal 8/3-8/12 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by MeganFernandez View Post
    I assumed it would go over well. I just don't like this shade. I can't explain it. It just bothers me! Totally personal.
    I’m just teasing, I hear ya. I just said that because what the board usually likes, I don’t. The last example was Ostapenko’s outfit at Wimbledon. So I always laugh that I seem to be so far off from everyone else 😀

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