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    Re: Figure Skating - 2019

    The Pairs programs from Hiroshima currently airing on the Olympic Channel -- #389 on my DISH

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    Re: Figure Skating - 2019

    The talk of the skating world this weekend is the Grand Prix Final & this accident by American pairs skaters Ashley Cain & Tim Leduc. Viewer discretion advised.

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    Re: Figure Skating - 2019

    Rika Kihira - Short Program - she won the Grand Prix Final

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    Re: Figure Skating - 2019

    Vanessa James/Morgan Cipres - Free Skate - they won as well.

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    Re: Figure Skating - 2019

    They should've stopped it. No matter that as a competitor she wanted to continue. It was no different than an NFL player being knocked unconcious and coming back in the next play. She was still staggering after their program finished!

    James and Cipres have matured so much! They were not skating at this level the last time I saw them. Wow.

    When I hear Clair de Lune all I see is the end of Oceans 11. There are a couple of female Japanese skaters that I really like. I think this young woman is technically sound but has very little personality on the ice.
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