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    Re: '18 Wimby Day 12 OoP & Discussion

    In my opinion the only decision which doesn't make sense is continuing the next day with the roof closed. In all other aspects they made the best decision possible given the constraints of technology, time, availability of court and curfew rules.
    Roger forever

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    Re: '18 Wimby Day 12 OoP & Discussion

    JazzNU, One parallel from a country with a sensational transportation system: At the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, the last-train times were not changed during the Olympics at all. So if one needed to get to an outlying town or hotel (and huge numbers were staying in other towns), one had to either leave an event before it was over, or pay an exorbitant fee for a taxi. I heard millions of complaints along the lines of "why couldn't public transport be rescheduled for those 16 days." I agreed then, and I agree with you, now.

    If I lived in Wimbledon, I surely wouldn't want a huge mass of people coming out of the tennis facility at 1 a.m. with no easy way of getting out of our little village and nowhere to spend the night. I am sure that it would be some inconvenience to reschedule the metro schedule back into downtown London for those 2 weeks. But given the income that area surely gets from this event, I don't think that is asking too much at all. And those later trains would likely be packed, thus paying for themselves and then some.

    This would allow for the added leeway in the curfew. If the last metro train (the "tube") leaves Wimbledon at 11:35 (for example), they would have hell to pay if the match ran so late that people couldn't get on it. So "leeway" would have to include the transport system, and it should.


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    Re: '18 Wimby Day 12 OoP & Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzy View Post
    Congrats to Kerber.

    But, 1 hour & 5 minutes........LOL

    Hey George W. - please put down the "good English ales" well in advance of posting on here. It's one thing when you troll professional sportswriters on Twitter, but we don't need every other one of your posts to spew the same rhetoric regarding the equal pay dynamic. We get it.

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