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    Re: '18 Wimby Day 11 OoP & Discussion

    I don't know that OCD on the court would necessarily translate into "real life" - most players are superstitious/have their routines.

    I'd be more worried that his on court moan might be echoed in real life
    Thanks for the medal Johanna!

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    Re: '18 Wimby Day 11 OoP & Discussion

    ptm, You may well be right. But I really do believe that another possibility is that the OCD in "real life" would actually be worse when he didn't have his haven of the tennis court. His quirks seem to go beyond the limits of what could be ascribed to usual superstitions and routines. While tennis will likely always be a huge part of his life, it will not be as all-consuming as it is now. I can envision his house 20 years from now, where every tiny detail is carefully thought out and maintained, and woe to anyone (including a spouse-person) who would violate that order. I could imagine him at that point becoming a person with whom it would be impossible to share living quarters. I would recommend to this girlfriend that she may want to keep her own house indefinitely.

    Love the comment about the "moan".


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