depending on our outcome on matches tonight, it could very well come down to the tiebreak deciding our you'll have a day to think about it.

The tiebreak will be the TOTAL number of games played in the ladies final. I'm sure all of you know what this means, but just so there is no confusion, if the final is won 6-2, 6-3, the total number of games played would be 17...if it is 6-4, 3-6, 7-5 the total would be 31.

When we post the thread for your Day 13 pick, you'll be asked to send me your tiebreak choice...we do it this way, because it would be unfair to whoever posts their tiebreak first. You can send this to me as a Private Message here at TAT - if you look at the bottom of this post you will see the words Private on this, and you'll get the form to send a PM. Put tiebreak in the subject line, and your guess for the tiebreak in the message.

Whoever gets closest to the total number of games will be the Champion (if we need to go to a tie-break).

We will, however, post the names of any players that beat the Draw on our Wall of Fame. And the tiebreak will not be a factor in determining the overall winner (best mens and ladies combined), unless that is tied as well.