Around The World 2018: Tournaments and Points

While the ATP are give our tournaments a mix of 250 and 500 ranking point tournaments, but we are going to give each tournament the same point system. This means that you will need to predict not only the top 30 players, but also the lower ranked players.

Here are the point values associated with each tournament:

All tournaments:
First round : 7
Second round : 15
Quarterfinal : 25
Semifinal : 45
Final : 70
Winner : 100

The list of tournaments and start dates are:

Montpellier, February 5
Sofia, February 5
Quito, February 5
Buenos Aires, February 12
New York, February 12
Rotterdam, February 12
Delray Beach, February 19
Marseille, February 19
Rio de Janeiro, February 19
Acapulco, February 26
Dubai, February 26
Sao Paulo, February 26

Links to the different tournament websites can be found at