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    The 2018 ALTRUISTIC wish

    I frequently play this game with people at the jobs I land (meaning, I used to play this game but...).
    You kick the bottle, the genie appears, and she grants you THREE wishes. But they have to be altruistic, they can't be for yourself.

    In this case, because TAT is so big, it is one per person, so: what would your ONE altruistic wish for 2018 be?
    (I skip mine because it is obvious: peace for my country).
    Missing winter...

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    Re: The 2018 ALTRUISTIC wish

    I wish for a cure for Alzheimer's.
    My Happy Place

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    Re: The 2018 ALTRUISTIC wish

    Clean water for everyone -- especially Flint, Puerto Rico... (the list goes on and on).

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    Re: The 2018 ALTRUISTIC wish

    It's difficult for me to boil it all down to one thing, but...

    I hope for an epidemic of empathy.

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    Re: The 2018 ALTRUISTIC wish

    The prevailance of logic over socially inculcated notions and over emotions when making decisions. And by emotions I include bigotry and all forms of discrimination.
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    Re: The 2018 ALTRUISTIC wish

    I'll be more modest... No significant new wars in 2018.
    Roger forever

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    Re: The 2018 ALTRUISTIC wish

    World peace

    I wish for societies to learn from history and for that knowledge to drive collective decisionmaking.

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    Re: The 2018 ALTRUISTIC wish

    You people are weird
    I should have supposed that this group would be totally out of the norm. When I posted this, my main curiosity was that, almost always the wishes are divided in two: women wish for the well-being of animals and men don't take me seriously and wish for their favorite soccer team to win something.
    I find that the women's wish for animal well being is acceptable but have always wondered this: why is it that nobody, ever, has wished for VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN to be eradicated? It could be achieved, it would benefit 50% of the world's population, it would be altruistic and it would cascade into so many other beneficial consequences. Yet, I have never played this game and have had one single person wish for that.
    And yes, I have had people say WORLD PEACE, M8.

    Final thought: not to be congenial to you all, but your wishes all were uniquely cerebral. Should have not surprised me.
    Saturday night: I just wish for a Cuba Libre, and I do mean the drink. I will be non-altruistic tonight
    Missing winter...


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