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    Re: 2018 Winter Olympics PyeongChang 2/9 - 2/25

    PTMc, I of course thought when Canada won mixed doubles that we were likely to see a gold medal sweep by Canada in curling. I would NEVER have guessed that neither the men nor the women would even get a medal. Canadians must be reeling from that result and from the fact that neither hockey team won. (of course, this is again a topic that has probably long since been discussed.....for me the Olympics ended yesterday, as I've said).


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    Re: 2018 Winter Olympics PyeongChang 2/9 - 2/25

    You have no idea Glenn. No one was too upset about the women's hockey, other than the predictable "Oh well, a shoot-out is no way to decide a hockey game" rants. Men's hockey was funny, a lot of people pretended not to care, then got super upset when Germany beat us and started saying how they didn't care because it wasn't the real players (but then were grumpy the rest of the was on at the start of our work day.)

    Not sure which curling was more of a surprise. Homan's 0-3 start didn't surprise me, as she often starts slow before going on a big run...but by mid tournament she hadn't really picked it up and was clearly trying to force a lot, even against the rest of her team's advice. Koe played well mostly, then ran into an American team having the tournament of their lives. I was actually picking Sweden to win the gold all along so the final was a surprise for me too. Since we'd never missed medals for women, or gold medal match for men, again people were very cranky. But a lot less people care about curling so they just went into the "it's not a real sport so who cares" angle. The men's hockey and curling all happened over 1-1.5 days or so, so it was a lot to take all at once!

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