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    Re: 2017/2018 TATFF Game Center

    I will gladly not win if it means NE does bad in the super bowl.

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    Re: 2017/2018 TATFF Game Center

    Somehow me and Kirk wound up with the exact same score last night so I held onto my whopping 1 point lead. Having 4X points for Brady was almost enough to win it for Kirk.

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    Re: 2017/2018 TATFF Game Center

    Nice! Congrats!

    Glad we did this so I have a better idea of how things worked. I wouldn't have changed a ton, I just happened to pick from teams I thought I would win that ended up losing, but a few moves were definite mistakes to learn from for next time.

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    Re: 2017/2018 TATFF Game Center


    And so you all could have a good laugh…

    Late last week my phone starting having issues anytime I visit websites. It works fine for calls/e-mails/texts etc., but not using the browser.

    Over the weekend I thought about the game coming and this contest. I didn't feel like starting up my computer but I thought since I did the analysis after the last round clearly I set my team for the game. Yeah – no I didn’t. I would like my donkey award now (not that it would have made a difference in the results but still) please and thank you.

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    Re: 2017/2018 TATFF Game Center

    Yeah, congratulations!!
    Oh Grigor. You silly man.

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