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    Shameless Self Promotion

    Do we have a thread dedicated to tooting one's own horn?

    Here's a magazine article I just wrote about Roxane Gay, being fat, and trying to not be fat.
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    Re: Shameless Self Promotion

    You should be ashamed! How dare you!?

    Very nice piece, Megan. some interesting data too. Keep it up.
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    Re: Shameless Self Promotion

    You're a brave woman Megan! I can relate . . . and I wish I could be so candid, even with myself.

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    Re: Shameless Self Promotion

    That was not at all what I expected, that's for sure. Megan, I for one greatly appreciate your willingness to amplify Gay's story while integrating your own. This is the kind of vulnerability that, I think, really resonates with people. It took tremendous courage to even consider the piece--much less write it.

    Much respect. Much, MUCH respect.
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    Re: Shameless Self Promotion

    Excellent article. I have a sister who has struggled with this her whole life.
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    Re: Shameless Self Promotion

    Nice job. Very very brave of you and excellent writing!

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    Re: Shameless Self Promotion

    The latest issue of Rattle contains a poem titled "Decorating a Cake While Listening to Tennis."

    It will be posted online later this year, but right now it's exclusive to the printed magazine.

    It may be more your cuppa if you're a Roger Federer fan.


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