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    Re: Tennis Random, Random 2.0

    Quote Originally Posted by ponchi101 View Post
    I so would rather the tournaments stop this ridiculous thing of the kids "escorting" the players to the court. It makes me cringe.
    Me, too! It's so forced and pointless, and the kid usually seems very uncomfortable. I also don't like women Slam finalists carrying flower bouquets onto the court. Makes no sense. They aren't getting married. They're going to battle.
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    Re: Tennis Random, Random 2.0

    Quote Originally Posted by mmmm8 View Post
    Why? It seems to be a cool experience for the kids and they get to hang out with cool athletes for a moment.

    In general, I'm fully on board with stopping the sweaty towel habit, but otherwise I think the ballkid programs are great. I've seen kids really enjoy the experience, it's a great chance for them to be close to pro athletes and and seeing some high-level tennis close up. It's also a free camp/childcare for parents.
    They could accomplish all this without putting them to work in that particular environment. Older teens, okay. It bugs me that they are treated like a nuisance on court, and not by players. They have to sprint like mad after picking up a ball - not just jog, but run for their lives. It's like, get out of the way, NOW! I've seen them have to stand two-deep at the backdrop, nose to back, instead of side by side so their presence is a tiny bit more minimized - that one is so infuriating and insulting. The line judges don't sprint when they change spots. I hate it. I know I'm in the minority, but it's my pragmatic overdrive. It doesn't keep me up at night. Just one of those things I think we take for granted but doesn't really have to be that way and might not be the best way to do things.

    I also don't care about their good experience. The tournament can give them a different and just-as-meaningful good experience that's more appropriate, in my view, if that's important.

    Leave them at the French, though. The way they trot on and off court in formation is adorable!
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    Re: Tennis Random, Random 2.0

    I agree about teens taking the place of young ball kids. I think young people between the ages of 13-18 can still run and fetch balls. At that age they're also deciding if pro tennis is for them and seeing the top athletes in the sport up close in the heat of battle would surely help them decide.

    The flowers thing is annoying.

    Have a hamper of some kind for the players to dump their disgusting towels in after a changeover. When they mop off after a point many players put their towels on a chair or hang them over a low wall that is sometimes behind them. Not all do of course.
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