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    Re: Tennis Random, Random 2.0

    Quote Originally Posted by ponchi101 View Post
    Have there been any injuries reported? I know she was out for a while but I lost track.
    She has a knee injury. And she's been playing on it before she should've come back. I believe Madrid was when she came back and she said coming back then wasn't ideal in terms of her injury recovery but she wasn't getting restless sitting out so long. The way she's talked it sounds like it's an extended injury that has gotten worse recently and needed a longer recovery period.

    As for brokenhearted? Lmao. But I'll behave.

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    Re: Tennis Random, Random 2.0

    The Confidential: Aranda floggers dot Feliciano and Marc López in Wimbledon

    The police recorded the ex-football player encouraging a contact to bet on a match that they would lose in the Grand Slam of grass in 2017, as it happened. 06/17/2019 20:43
    The alleged network of sports fraud orchestrated by ex-soccer players Carlos Aranda and Raúl Bravo would also have ramifications in tennis . This is part of the summary of Operation Oikos , to which El Confidencial has had access , which would implicate Feliciano López and Marc López in the adulteration of the result of a match held on July 5, 2017 at Wimbledon .

    Police conclude that Aranda "has information on top-level sporting events" and that "in the match are two people of great prestige at the sports level such as Feliciano López Díaz-Guerra and Marc López Tarrés." These, they were measured to the Australians Matt Reid and John Patrick Smith and, after winning the first set, ended up losing the first round match by 3-6, 7-6 (2), 6-2 and 6-4.

    That, which they were going to lose, is what Carlos Aranda had announced on the same day, July 5, at 17:17, to a contact. "I have information about a game, do you want it?" , Told him. "Yes, man, of course, if you can ..." Aranda demanded that he pay 50% of what he won with the bets. "You can put whatever you want, it's Wimbledon, kid!" He informs her. Two minutes before the match began, the player added: "What Feliciano Lopez loses and his partner, is doubles."

    Ace contacted Marc López , Olympic champion in doubles with Rafa Nadal in Rio 2016, to obtain his version of the events. The Barcelonan has put the matter in the hands of a lawyer, and denied his involvement. "We have nothing to do, they have no right to dirty our names like that", he explained about his appearance in the summary. Feliciano these days disputes the Queens tournament in the individual box and partnering with Andy Murray.

    Translated from the Spanish
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: Tennis Random, Random 2.0

    Quote Originally Posted by JazzNU View Post
    As for brokenhearted? Lmao. But I'll behave.
    Monf lost yesterday too!
    Thanks for the medal Johanna!

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    Re: Tennis Random, Random 2.0

    Seems like the days of grass court tennis in Mallorca are numbered...

    "The plans for a big tennis tournament in Berlin are becoming more concrete. On the grounds of the LTTC Rot-Weiß with the Steffi Graf Stadium, a grass tournament could be held next year to prepare for Wimbledon. "We have been in talks with representatives of the club, the WTA and Wimbledon for months, and Berlin is an absolutely interesting candidate," said Austrian Edwin Weindorfer on Tuesday. Among other things, Weindorfer is the license holder of the women's tournament currently taking place in Mallorca with its marketing agency Emotion. The men's event at the Stuttgart Weissenhof is also the responsibility of the tournament director from Graz. "We are in the process of looking for a different venue for the tournament in Mallorca because we have other plans there, and if we could transfer that license to Berlin, that would be a good solution," said Weindorfer. A decision will be made in early July during the Lawn Classic at Wimbledon." (Translation via google translate)

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