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    2017 Women's FOSP Picks & Results Thread

    Good morning, children, and welcome to Roland Garros, home of tennis' worst and most boring surface. Fortunately, the women's game is fairly seething with several veterans and The Next Big Things waiting to usurp last year's winner Garbine Muguruza, who has struggled with consistency and injuries all year. The tension and the drama is sure to be high with so many would-be Queens of the Terra Batu. I hope you brought your slippery shoes, as I will help you navigate across the plodding and methodical clay courts. Check here daily to review your picks and also to find out what you did wrong at the conclusion of each day.

    Also, when you're red, you're dead.
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    Re: 2017 Women's FOSP Picks & Results

    12345 Goerges
    161stAndChilla Lucic-Baroni
    _nivek Bacsinszky--Safarova
    adicecream Ostapenko--Safarova
    aggierules Williams--No Pick
    aidsasis Giorgi
    ajay-gov Williams--Jankovic
    alias47 Bacsinszky--Flipkens--Garcia--Zhang--No Pick
    alvinlimtc Bacsinszky--Jankovic
    amb617 Goerges
    Anne-Roy-Leape Ostapenko--Zhang--Garcia--Mladenovic--Suarez Navarro--Wozniacki--Radwanska
    aroque Tsurenko--Pavlyuchenkova--Osaka
    atlpam Mattek-Sands--Errani--Kr. Pliskova
    Auburn84 Brengle--Flipkens--Suarez Navarro--Wozniacki--No Pick
    azarenkas Lucic-Baroni
    BankerB4 Bacsinszky--Wozniacki--Kr. Pliskova
    barbarapotterfan Bacsinszky--Stosur--Kr. Pliskova
    beths Timea Bacsinszky--Vesnina--Barthel
    BHar11 Mattek-Sands--Pavlyuchenkova--Bouchard--Zhang--Vesnina--Wozniacki--Sevastova
    blaker414 Lucic-Baroni
    blomgren Lucic-Baroni
    bluereggie Bacsinszky--Safarova
    Bmoney3 Lucic-Baroni
    borenore2 Vinci
    BouchardBoiledEggs Williams--Pavlyuchenkova--Konta
    bridgepea Tsurenko--No Pick
    calvin_hobbes29 Ostapenko--Putintseva--Vondrousova--Bacsinszky--Konjuh
    CanuckRaonic Bacsinszky--Putintseva--Kr. Pliskova
    Capitals32 Giorgi
    Casperpod Lucic-Baroni
    CatMan Bacsinszky--No Pick
    cdavid99 Bacsinszky--Siniakova
    Charlie02123 Ostapenko--Putintseva--Kr. Pliskova
    charlie53 Bacsinszky--Putintseva--Sevastova--Makarova
    Chillo Camila Giorgi
    christinestiara Mattek-Sands--Safarova
    Cimmerian Dodin--Larsson--Suarez Navarro--Rogers--Konjuh
    ckelsall22 Ostapenko--Linette--Barthel
    coachmando Ostapenko--Bellis--Vondrousova--Rogers--Garcia--Bacsinszky--Cepede Royg
    Codge Goerges
    Cookie-Monster Kvitova--Safarova
    Correspondent-Kiu Goerges
    Creamcheese McHale
    csgnyc Lucic-Baroni
    CyborgShoes Mattek-Sands--Putintseva--Kr. Pliskova
    dave-g Williams--Davis
    ddas828359 Lucic-Baroni
    derosa132000 Rogers--Wozniacki--Vondrousova--Cibulkova
    Deuce Ostapenko--Vandeweghe
    dollymix Rogers--Linette--Martic--Makarova
    dolphins343 Bacsinszky--Siniakova
    dowser55 Tsurenko--Putintseva--Suarez Navarro--Bacsinszky--Hsieh--Williams--Cepede Royg
    doylerd Bacsinszky--No Pick
    Drop-shot Lucic-Baroni
    dryrunguy Bacsinszky--Vandeweghe
    DU-Pioneers Lucic-Baroni
    duckylynt Lucic Baroni
    Earth-dragon Bacsinszky--No Pick
    Edmond-Dant�s Dodin--Putintseva--Kr. Pliskova
    Elchie Rogers--Bellis--Barthel
    Equipped Ostapenko--Jankovic
    Ernesto_Gulbisvara Lucic-Baroni
    eskimo_53 Giorgi
    eyoung23 Rogers--Safarova
    fastbacks Tsurenko--Gavrilova
    FEBravo Lucic-Baroni
    Federer70 Goerges
    Federex Lucic-Baroni
    fedmaster17 Mattek-Sands--Zhang--No Pick
    flowerchild39 Lucic-Baroni
    frost Rogers--Siniakova
    g2gaynor Mattek-Sands--Errani--Radwanska--Wozniacki--Keys
    GernBlandston Lucic-Baroni
    gff0 Mattek-Sands--Bellis--Vondrousova--Mertens--Garcia--Wozniacki--Suarez Navarro
    GlennHarman Bacsinszky--Vesnina--Radwanska--Makarova
    Gordon-Joshua-Murray Ostapenko--Bellis--Kr. Pliskova
    gracie Bacsinszky--Gavrilova
    GreenGourd Ostapenko--Linette--Kr. Pliskova
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    Re: 2017 Women's FOSP Picks & Results

    hawk99 Ostapenko--Putintseva--Barthel
    hawkgirl98 Mattek-Sands--Jankovic
    hotchocolate Williams--Vandeweghe
    Hummingbird Goerges
    I-Like-Good-People Ostapenko--Bertens--Vondrousova--Stosur--Garcia--Bacsinszky--Suarez Navarro
    icor927 Lucic-Baroni
    illiniwez85 Giorgi
    improbabledream Goerges
    inkblot1983 Tsurenko--No Pick
    Irena2 Bacsinszky--Bellis--Garcia--Putintseva--Konjuh
    IronMike Giorgi
    jaimetennis Lucic-Baroni
    James7 Goerges
    janetb Rogers--Bellis--Kr. Pliskova
    Jason11E Lucic-Baroni
    jatagen Bacsinszky--Putintseva--Kr. Pliskova
    JazzNU Rogers--Putintseva--Keys--Makarova
    jazzyg Ostapenko--Siniakova
    JBK-50 Lucic Baroni
    JCR14 Williams--Safarova
    Jeff-in-TX Goerges
    jenninlaca Ostapenko--Gavrilova
    JieOllily0001 Kuznetsova--Stosur--Suarez Navarro--Putintseva--Sevastova--Bacsinszky--Garcia
    jlakei Ostapenko--Gavrilova
    jlhct Ostapenko--Safarova
    jmcguire Kvitova--Bertens--Sevastova--Wozniacki--Suarez Navarro--Kuznetsova--Garcia
    joanjettson Cibulkova--Pavlyuchenkova--Garcia--Bacsinszky--Konjuh
    JoeCle Ostapenko--Bellis--Barthel
    johndfisher Rogers--Putintseva--Kr. Pliskova
    John D'oh Williams--Zhang--Radwanska--Makarova
    JTContinental Rogers--Safarova
    jumpfroggy Giorgi
    jwcardinal11 Rogers--Safarova
    kcgregg Bacsinszky--Gavrilova
    Khethux Bacsinszky--Putintseva--Cornet--Puig
    kirby077 Lucic-Baroni
    Klaywien Goerges
    Krishna Goerges
    ktothem1 Bacsinszky--Putintseva--Kr. Pliskova
    laurjo Lucic-Baroni
    lbk77 Lucic-Baroni
    leaker Goerges
    led14pa2 Bacsinszky--Bertens--Garcia--Makarova
    lemur Goerges
    Lemnos2 Goerges
    leosash Mattek-Sands--Putintseva--Barthel
    Leslie Lucic-Baroni
    liam_valid Makarova--Larsson--Barthel
    likembrave Lucic-Baroni
    Lizling Bacsinszky--Abanda--Garcia--Stosur--Konjuh
    lukeorion Rogers--Safarova
    Lynn Lucic-Baroni
    Madame Lucic-Baroni
    Manila-Smash Ostapenko--Putintseva--Sevastova--Makarova
    marsny Ostapenko--Safarova
    Martini4me Williams--Safarova
    matt2370 Lucic-Baroni
    MayorGhouliani Bacsinszky--Vesnina--Suarez Navarro--Zhang--Pavlyuchenkova
    mcbride10s Ostapenko--Bellis--Barthel
    Mcrswan Williams--Flipkens--Suarez Navarro--Bacsinszky--Garcia--Wozniacki--Halep
    MeganFernandez Lucic-Baroni
    michaels123456 Bacsinszky--Errani--Radwanska--Wozniacki--Pavlyuchenkova
    mikeprice4 Giorgi
    Miles Lucic-Baroni
    Mitch Lucic-Baroni
    mmmm8 Bacsinszky--Pavlyuchenkova--No Pick
    mocam57 Vinci
    Moose Goerges
    motobass Tsurenko--Safarova
    mr_socko Tsurenko--Vesnina--Kr. Pliskova
    mu_royals Rogers--Putintseva--Kr. Pliskova
    munchin Bacsinszky--Konjuh--Radwanska--Wozniacki--Garcia--Williams--Sevastova
    mysterX Kerber
    nad55 Goerges
    NatLee Mattek-Sands--Vesnina--Barthel
    naughtyboiosu Ostapenko--Errani--No Pick
    nelslus Bacsinszky--Putintseva--Suarez Navarro--Wozniacki--Garcia--Mladenovic--Sevastova
    Net_Raider Lucic-Baroni
    networthy Lucic-Baroni
    New-England-Nitemare Bacsinszky--Putintseva--Radwanska--Cibulkova
    nigel Kuznetsova--Vesnina--Keys--Putintseva--Suarez Navarro--No Pick
    noedee Lucic-Baroni
    nyjaney Lucic-Baroni
    NYJJared Mattek-Sands--Safarova
    oliver0001 Bacsinszky--Flipkens--Barthel
    Omegadoom Ostapenko--Putintseva--Kr. Pliskova
    omess Ostapenko--Linette--Barthel
    oploskoffie Giorgi
    orangeboy19 Lucic-Baroni
    patmanmo Ostapenko--Putintseva--Kr. Pliskova
    Patrick Kvitova--Bellis--Vondrousova--Wozniacki--Garcia--Bacsinszky--Suarez Navarro
    Pattyfan Bacsinszky--Safarova
    peppercornstuff Bacsinszky--Zhang--Bouchard--Stosur--Konjuh
    PeteFan Ostapenko--Putintseva--Vondrousova--Makarova
    PeterSkan Lucic-Baroni
    pfj1976 Lucic-Baroni
    phatsdawg Bacsinszky--Flipkens--Bouchard--Wozniacki--Garcia--Mladenovic--Sevastova
    Philly10 Bacsinszky--Putintseva--Suarez Navarro--Zhang--Garcia--Mladenovic--Sevastova
    pingponger Rogers--Safarova
    ponchi101 Bacsinszky--Putintseva--Garcia--Wozniacki--Ka. Pliskova--Mladenovic--Sevastova
    pressedham Lucic-Baroni
    ptmcmahon Williams--Putintseva--Radwanska--Wozniacki--Garcia--Bacsinszky--Sevastova
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    Re: 2017 Women's FOSP Picks & Results

    rashmi Tsurenko--Bellis--Vondrousova--Wozniacki--Konjuh
    redclay Ostapenko--Parmentier--Strycova--Stosur--Radwanska--Bacsinszky--Vesnina
    RedWard Lucic-Baroni
    Ribbons Lucic-Baroni
    rickym63 Ostapenko--Putintseva--Vondrousova--Wozniacki--Garcia--Bacsinszky--Sevastova
    riley371 Lucic-Baroni
    rj7dogz Mattek-Sands--Vandeweghe
    rktct2b Ostapenko--Safarova
    ron-tennisreporters Giorgi
    Ruyiman Mattek-Sands--Gavrilova
    scineram Bacsinszky--Mladenovic--Keys--Putintseva--Pavlyuchenkova
    Scotty Bacsinszky--Safarova
    shmrck14 Bacsinszky--Putintseva--Garcia--Wozniacki--Pavlyuchenkova
    shtexas Kvitova--Zhang--Suarez Navarro--Wozniacki--Garcia--Bacsinszky--Sevastova
    skatingfan Bacsinszky--Putintseva--Vondrousova--Zhang--Pavlyuchenkova
    slc2466 Mattek-Sands--Errani--Suarez Navarro--Wozniacki--Pavlyuchenkova
    sluggo-13 Golubic
    Snoo-Foo Ostapenko--Bellis--Vondrousova--Stosur--Garcia--Bacsinszky--Sevastova
    sokoll Lucic-Baroni
    soraethewitch Nara--Putintseva--Kr. Pliskova
    SoulCandy93 Lucic-Baroni
    Spencer Ostapenko--Siniakova
    Sportsfan Rogers--Kontaveit--Barthel
    srinathkng Mattek-Sands--Mladenovic--No Pick
    stracciatella Goerges
    suliso Lucic-Baroni
    SW195AE Goerges
    SwissBliss Williams--Mladenovic--Suarez Navarro--Cibulkova
    tangerine Lucic-Baroni
    tenedab Ostapenko--Putintseva--Vondrousova--Cibulkova
    TennisAnyone74 Goerges
    tennisbrp Williams--Safarova
    tennisx18 Lucic-Baroni
    tenor777 Lucic-Baroni
    texasniteowl Bacsinszky--Lepchenko--Kr. Pliskova
    the-Moz Goerges
    the_shirtless_putins Bacsinszky--Errani--No Pick
    thekaoboy Bacsinszky--Putintseva--Kr. Pliskova
    Theresa Bacsinszky--Flipkens--Garcia--Stosur--Konjuh
    Tigress Cibulkova--Mladenovic--Radwanska--Kuznetsova--Vesnina--Williams--Sevastova
    Togtdyalttai Bacsinszky--Putintseva--Garcia--Wozniacki--Keys
    tolulops Ostapenko--Safarova
    ubermitch Ostapenko--Putintseva--Vondrousova--Rogers--Garcia--Bacsinszky--Sevastova
    udaneri Williams--Stosur--Keys--Kuznetsova--Pavlyuchenkova
    UglyAmericain Lucic-Baroni
    Verbalvolleys Lucic-Baroni
    vexchaps Mattek-Sands--No Pick
    waylandboy-tw Ostapenko--Putintseva--Kr. Pliskova
    weefunk Lucic-Baroni
    Woody Bacsinszky--Putintseva--Suarez Navarro--Bertens
    yoort Kvitova--Pavlyuchenkova--Sevastova--Stosur--Konjuh
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    Re: 2017 Women's FOSP Picks & Results

    We start with 231, by my count:

    Mirjana Lucic-Baroni 51
    Timea Bacsinszky 46
    Jelena Ostapenko 34
    Julia Goerges 20
    Bethanie Mattek-Sands 16
    Shelby Rogers 14
    Venus Williams 13
    Camila Giorgi 10
    Lesia Tsurenko 8
    Petra Kvitova 5
    Dominika Cibulkova 2
    Oceane Dodin 2
    Svetlana Kuznetsova 2
    Roberta Vinci 2
    Madison Brengle 1
    Viktorija Golubic 1
    Angelique Kerber 1
    Christina McHale 1
    Ekaterina Makarova 1
    Karumi Nara 1
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    Re: 2017 Women's FOSP Picks & Results Thread

    And we have our first serious bandwagon going down. This one is unexpected to me. I considered Goerges as well plus she started her match so well...
    Roger forever

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    Re: 2017 Women's FOSP Picks & Results Thread

    Kudos to the Makarova picker. I know we all knew Kerber would not be a favorite here, but still, betting against a #1 seed in a first round takes a lot of suicidal courage.
    Face it. It's the apocalypse.

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    Re: 2017 Women's FOSP Picks & Results Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by ponchi101 View Post
    Kudos to the Makarova picker. I know we all knew Kerber would not be a favorite here, but still, betting against a #1 seed in a first round takes a lot of suicidal courage.
    Thanks, but i think the Kerber picker had bigger balls than me!
    Mary, queen of shots

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    Re: 2017 Women's FOSP Picks & Results Thread

    Ok, now it makes sense. We know you are not totally right in the head

    So, at this rate. When do we think the WTA side of the pool will be decided? I say second Monday.
    Face it. It's the apocalypse.

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    Re: 2017 Women's FOSP Picks & Results Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by ponchi101 View Post

    So, at this rate. When do we think the WTA side of the pool will be decided? I say second Monday.
    I'm still planning to beat the draw
    Roger forever

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    Re: 2017 Women's FOSP Picks & Results Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by ponchi101 View Post
    Ok, now it makes sense. We know you are not totally right in the head

    So, at this rate. When do we think the WTA side of the pool will be decided? I say second Monday.
    I doubt it will last that long. It could be over tomorrow for all we know.

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    Re: 2017 Women's FOSP Picks & Results

    Mirjana Lucic-Baroni 51 the day 1 biggest bw about to crash

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    Re: 2017 Women's FOSP Picks & Results Thread

    sunday bloody sunday ...
    second Decima of the year !!

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    Re: 2017 Women's FOSP Picks & Results Thread

    Depending on the remaining matches, we may not miss losing 50% of the players on day one by much. This seems to be typical any more for the women's slams. GH

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    Re: 2017 Women's FOSP Picks & Results Thread

    I said it somewhere. It will be 50% chance in all WTA matches.
    In the men's: 60-40.
    Face it. It's the apocalypse.

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