At some point in the very near future our forum will no longer support Facebook Connect. Facebook frequently changes the way websites connect to it's members' accounts. We can no longer keep up with these rapid changes.

If you login using your Facebook account (by clicking at the top of the page) it's highly recommended that you convert your login to a regular TAT login and disconnect your account from Facebook. If you don't do this now, the next time Facebook changes their procedures, you will not be able to access your TAT account ever again.

Here are instructions for disconnecting your Facebook account. Once this is done you will use your Facebook name as your TAT username and a new password that you will create.

If you make a mistake, or for some other reason this process doesn't work, you'll have to abandon your current account and create a new one using the regular TAT registration (without Facebook Connect). TAT cannot help you do this, or fix it if it's done wrong.


Once you're logged in, click on Settings in the top-right corner of any forum page:

From the settings page select "Edit Email & Password":

Enter and confirm a password that you will use to login to TAT from now on and click "Save Changes" at the bottom-right of the page:

Under "My Settings" on the left select "Edit Connections:"

Click on "Disconnect:"

Logout of the forum then login using your Facebook name and new TAT password: