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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Quote Originally Posted by JazzNU View Post
    W. Kamau Bell

    - instead of saying Dayton, he said Toledo
    - can't stop sniffing

    If we can't impeach the president, can we at least drug test him?
    The video is posted in the "National Regional and Local" news thread. He didn't so much say "Toledo" as slur Toledo. It's right in the beginning too. I'm surprised they haven't taken it down like they've been rumored to have removed some of his tweets where he mentions "invasion"
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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Chris Lu
    Overlooked stories this week:

    -Three North Korean missile launches in one week

    -500,000 kids will lose free school meals under Trump rule

    -Trump revokes medals from Navy prosecutors

    -Zinke's personal emails being investigated

    -Foreign officials edited Trump campaign speech
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Dow plunges 760 points in worst day of 2019 as trade war intensifies
    Fred Imbert

    Stocks fell sharply Monday as a trade war between the world’s largest economies intensified with China retaliating against President Donald Trump’s latest move.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 767.27 points, or 2.9%, to close at 25,717.74 and dropped as much as 961.63 points at one point. The S&P 500 dropped nearly 3% to 2,844.74. The Nasdaq Composite lagged, falling 3.5% to 7,726.04. it was the worst percentage drop for all three indexes this year. The S&P 500 is now more than 6% below its record hit only last month.

    The Nasdaq fell for a sixth straight session, its longest losing streak since late 2016. The S&P 500 also posted a six-day losing streak. The Dow declined for a fifth straight day. The move continues a sell-off that began last week when President Donald Trump ordered new tariffs on the rest of Chinese goods and the Federal Reserve failed to signal it would be as aggressive as the market hoped in backstopping the economic slowdown.

    Apple led the decline in stocks that have the most to lose from the new round of tariffs, losing 5.2%. The SPDR S&P Retail ETF (XRT) closed 2.2% lower as the new tariffs will hit items apparel, electronics and toys. Nike dropped 2.7%. Macy’s and Best Buy pulled back 3.1% and 3.5%, respectively.

    FedEx dropped 4%. Caterpillar and Boeing dropped 2.3% and 2.5%, respectively. Semiconductor stocks such as Micron Technology, Skyworks Solutions and Advanced Micro Devices fell at least 4.4%.

    “Now we have a trade situation that is going off the rails as the side effects multiply due to the ramping up of the use of tariffs and we are only further apart from any resolution with the Chinese,” said Peter Boockvar, chief investment officer at Bleakley Advisory Group. “The policy of using tariffs as a tool to address our legitimate beefs with the Chinese has failed miserably.”

    China, which has historically controlled its currency, the yuan, allowed it to fall to its lowest level on Monday against the dollar in more than a decade. The onshore yuan broke above 7 per U.S. dollar and traded around 7.05.

    Trump later accused China of manipulating its currency, saying in a tweet: “This is a major violation which will greatly weaken China over time.”

    China “appears to have decided that, given the increasingly dim prospects of a trade deal with the US, the boost to China’s export sector from currency depreciation is worth attracting the ire of the Trump,” Julian Evans-Pritchard, senior China economist at Capital Economics, wrote in a note. “The fact that they have now stopped defending 7.00 against the dollar suggests that they have all but abandoned hopes for a trade deal with the US.”

    Along with the currency move, China retaliated by suspending the purchases of U.S. agricultural products and threatened to slap tariffs on the farm goods purchased after Aug. 3, according to state media and other reports.

    Trump announced last week the U.S. would impose a 10% tariff on $300 billion worth of Chinese imports. The tariff will take effect on Sept. 1. Trump’s announcement came after Chinese and U.S. officials discussed trade earlier last week as the two countries tried to restart talks.

    That tariff would target retail, along with other consumer goods from companies like Apple. The tech giant told U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer in a June letter that tariffs on this tranche of goods would hit “all of Apple’s major products,” hindering the company’s contributing to the economy.

    The news pushed the S&P 500 to its worst weekly performance of the year, with the S&P 500 dropping 3.1%.

    Investors rushed to traditional safe havens like Treasurys and gold on Monday amid the uncertainty. The benchmark 10-year Treasury yield fell to 1.74% and reached its lowest level since November 2016. Gold futures for December delivery gained 1.3% to settle at $1,476.50 per ounce.

    The Cboe Volatility Index (VIX), widely considered to be the best fear gauge in the market, jumped 36% to above 23.

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    Replying to
    @gvravel @NE_AD50 and @JohnJHarwood

    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Quote Originally Posted by Ti-Amie View Post
    Chris Lu
    Overlooked stories this week:

    -Three North Korean missile launches in one week

    -500,000 kids will lose free school meals under Trump rule

    -Trump revokes medals from Navy prosecutors

    -Zinke's personal emails being investigated

    -Foreign officials edited Trump campaign speech
    Master of deception at work. Talking about Cummings then his unplanned masterpiece, the unfortune shootings.
    2017 & 2018 Australian Open Champions

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Scoop: Inside Trump's strange pen-pal diplomacy with Justin Trudeau

    Jonathan Swan1 hour ago

    Trump has sent highly unusual, Sharpie-written notes to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at least twice, Axios has learned.

    One missive was so odd, the Canadian ambassador double-checked with the White House to be sure it wasn't a prank. In at least one instance, Trudeau also wrote to Trump. The exchange of handwritten notes, never before reported, was confirmed by several sources with firsthand knowledge.

    The diplomatic missives include:

    A torn-out Bloomberg Businessweek cover featuring a portrait of Justin Trudeau.
    A back-and-forth about U.S.-Canada trade figures that culminated in Trudeau sending Trump a printout of the website of the Office of the United States Trade Representative with a smiley face beside the U.S. government figure showing America has a trade surplus with Canada (contrary to Trump's claims).

    Context: The May 1–7, 2017, issue of Bloomberg Businessweek — featuring a picture of Trudeau headlined "The Anti-Trump" — caught President Trump's attention, according to 4 sources with direct knowledge. Trump tore the cover off the magazine and wrote on it, in silver Sharpie, something to the effect of "Looking good! Hope it's not true!" according to these sources.

    Before the White House mailed this diplomatic correspondence, it went through the normal clearance process inside the National Security Council. While some White House staff thought it was not the appropriate way to communicate with a foreign leader, they ultimately figured "it was done in good fun and would be interpreted as positive outreach," said a source with direct knowledge of what happened. So the White House mailed the magazine cover to the Canadian Embassy in Washington.

    The Canadian ambassador thought it was a prank, according to 2 sources familiar with the situation. He called the White House to check, and a White House official confirmed to the ambassador that the note was real, one of these sources said.
    Months later, on Dec. 8, 2017, President Trump falsely told a rally crowd in Pensacola, Florida, that the U.S. has a trade deficit with Canada. Around that same time, Trump also mailed Trudeau a document purporting to show that the U.S. had a trade deficit with Canada, according to a source with direct knowledge.

    Trump wrote in Sharpie on the document: "Not good!!" or something to that effect, the source recalled. Trump's document only mentioned America's deficit in the trade of goods and ignored its surplus in services (the two combined would gave the U.S. its overall surplus).

    A few weeks later, Trump received a handwritten letter from Trudeau. The note, on Trudeau's official stationery marked by the Maple Leaf, began with a friendly tone, but ended with a drop of acid.

    "Dear Donald," Trudeau wrote in the letter dated Dec. 20, 2017, according to a source with direct knowledge of its contents, which 2 other sources confirmed. "It's been a busy year! Enjoy the Christmas holidays — you deserve it."

    "One thing," Trudeau added. "You gave a great speech in Pensacola, but you were slightly off on the balance of trade with Canada. USTR says so! All the best for 2018, Justin."

    The second page of the letter brought the kicker. Trudeau enclosed a printout of Canada's informational page from the website of the Office of the United States Trade Representative.

    Trudeau underlined the section on the USTR website, which at the time reported that "the U.S. goods and services trade surplus with Canada was $12.5 billion in 2016." Trudeau circled the $12.5 billion and drew a cheeky little smiley face next to it, according to a source with direct knowledge.

    A Canadian government official responded to this reporting: "We're not going to comment on whether or what paper was exchanged between our 2 countries. There was a lot of back and forth. That said, it is certainly true that there were disagreements between our 2 countries about the figures, and we repeatedly pointed to USTR and U.S. Commerce's own figures. On your second point (the Bloomberg cover), no comment, but we don't deny it."

    Why this matters: The U.S.-Canadian relationship is, in normal times, low-friction. But not under Trump, who views Trudeau as an irritant at best. In a conversation in the White House last year, Trump told aides he thought Canada was "the worst" country to negotiate with. "Who would think? Canada?" Trump said.

    Trump now says very little about Trudeau, according to an adviser, and believes he and his trade representative Bob Lighthizer got the better of the Canadians in their trade negotiations.

    Behind the scenes: Trump privately refers to Trudeau as a "wise guy," per sources with direct knowledge. He describes Trudeau as young and cocky, and he resents it when Trudeau comments on American politics.

    Trump has gleefully recounted to aides how he threatened the Canadians with auto tariffs. He says it got him a better deal on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

    Trump has also privately described Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland as "very nasty," according to senior administration officials.

    Trump was pleased with the optics of the G7 last year, an adviser said. Trump says he dominated Trudeau there, the adviser added, and loves the viral photo of himself sitting with his arms crossed as world leaders hover over him. Trump also relished leaving the summit early — snub to Trudeau, who Trump said had treated him with disrespect.

    The White House did not respond to requests for comment.

    The big picture: The president is in Year 3 of his relationships with foreign leaders, and in some cases they've changed substantially. Trump's bromance with France's 41-year-old leader Emmanuel Macron has faded, and Trump privately places Macron in a similar “wise guy” category as the 47-year-old Trudeau.

    Last week, Trump chided Macron on Twitter for "purporting" to represent the U.S. in conversations with Iran.

    Trump has also hammered China with escalating tariffs and increasingly tough rhetoric — a significant change from his more frequent emphasis on his close personal relationship with President Xi Jinping in Year 1.

    Josh Billinson

    So per
    , Trump tore the cover off of this magazine, wrote "Looking good! Hope it's not true!" in silver sharpie, had it mailed to the Canadian embassy, and the Canadian ambassador thought it was a prank. Incredible.
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    So, he doesn't understand the difference between anti-Trump and The Anti-Trump... I mean, this is basic stuff. Basic, basic stuff.

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Karol Cummins

    D.C. Attorney General Issues New Subpoena Over Trump Inauguration

    Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has handed over a trove of documents related to her inauguration work with Trump family businesses. (link:…

    Melania. $35 million. Inauguration. Russian oligarchs. Hilarity WILL ensue.
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Quote Originally Posted by Ti-Amie View Post
    Karol Cummins

    D.C. Attorney General Issues New Subpoena Over Trump Inauguration

    Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has handed over a trove of documents related to her inauguration work with Trump family businesses. (link:…

    Melania. $35 million. Inauguration. Russian oligarchs. Hilarity WILL ensue.
    I first I thought you said "Hilary WILL ensue." And I thought, yes, why wouldn't they try to drag Hillary into the mix at some point, as if she was responsible for the amount that the hotel charged (or maybe they found evidence of foul play in one of the hotel's room/spaces which was obviously traceable back to that devious woman).
    Last edited by Jeff in TX; 08-12-2019 at 06:09 PM. Reason: To fix quote
    "And for my next fearless prediction..."

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff in TX View Post
    I first I thought you said "Hilary WILL ensue." And I thought, yes, why wouldn't they try to drag Hillary into the mix at some point, as if she was responsible for the amount that the hotel charged (or maybe they found evidence of foul play in one of the hotel's room/spaces which was obviously traceable back to that devious woman).
    When I first read it I thought the same thing.
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Closed Court Delays Trial of Ex-White House Counsel
    August 13, 2019 MEGAN MINEIRO

    WASHINGTON (CN) — Under fire after she barred press and the public from jury selection at the start of trial for former White House counsel Greg Craig, a federal judge agreed Tuesday to restart jury selection with a new 125-person pool.

    “I don’t have a problem with you telling me that I made a mistake yesterday … and that that mistake lies at my feet,” U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson said in court this morning.

    A day earlier, Judge Jackson closed off the start of voir dire to all but eight members of the press. Jackson ordered these reporters out, too, however, after the pool of 70 potential jurors had collectively answered 26 questions. For the remainder of the day, behind closed doors, the parties whittled the pool down to 35 through individual questioning.

    William Murphy, an attorney for Craig with the law firm Zuckerman Spaeder, said the procedure violated his client’s rights to a speedy and public trial.

    “I don’t think you can distinguish between the press and the public in this situation,” Murphy said.

    Taking aim as well at the notices the pool received in the mail from the Jury Commissioner’s Office, Murphy said the warning that the trial would run at least two weeks left little doubt about the case’s high profile.

    “A couple of them were clever enough to figure out that it was Mr. Craig’s case,” Murphy said of the jurors.

    The jury pool that is brought in Wednesday will be unaware going in that the trial may now run into September — though both sides agreed to not hold arguments on Aug. 31 to prevent the elimination of jurors with travel plans for Labor Day weekend.

    Jackson initially estimated that a new pool would result in a 10-week delay, pushing the trial into October. She revised that later, however, calling it optimal to delay the trial by no more than three days with opening statements likely on Friday.

    Prosecutors set the stage for the jury-selection do-over with an alert to Craig’s legal team and Judge Jackson that Monday’s proceedings may have violated Supreme Court precedent.

    Murphy noted today: “We were surprised but we shouldn’t have been.”

    In the 2010 case Presley v. Georgia, the justices sided 7-2 with a convicted cocaine trafficker whose uncle, the only public observer in court that day, was shut out of jury selection.

    Jackson appeared this morning to stand by her decision, but said it was the first time she closed off her court to the public.

    “It was a substitute for the proceedings that are standard in this court,” Jackson said, adding that potential jurors have complained in the past that they do not feel comfortable answering personal questions in front of the public even with a husher, a device that emits white noise to block the public from hearing questioning during jury selection at the bench.

    Indeed during proceedings on Monday, Jackson noted, one potential juror shared information on an “egregious crime” a family member committed, while another disclosed they have a mental illness.

    On Wednesday, jury selection will be open to the public.

    “I appreciate you being on top of this issue,” Jackson told the government.

    Craig, 74, was charged back in April as part of the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller into the 2016 election.

    A lawyer himself who was White House counsel under President Barack Obama, Craig had been a partner at Skadden Arps when Paul Manafort tapped the firm for a report that bolstered his client, a pro-Kremlin political part in Ukraine called the Party of Regions.

    The statute of limitations has already expired for the U.S. to charge Craig with violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, but Craig could go to prison for five years if convicted of having lied to the Justice Department to avoid foreign-agent-registration requirements.
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Take a minute and think about when the things Tiny is talking about happened in real time. Then read it again.

    Kurt Eichenwald

    Trump just literally accused FBI of attempting a coup, of being unable to handle two cases at once, and spun the broadest conspiracy theory ever. And may be retweeting a troll/Russian account.

    I know he's suggested this before. But I think this is the most explicit he's been.

    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    (((Rep. Nadler)))

    served subpoenas on Corey Lewandowski and Rick Dearborn for public testimony on September 17. Read my full statement here:

    Renato Mariotti

    On the same day Lewandowski was subpoenaed to testify before House Judiciary's impeachment inquiry, Trump pushes his U.S. Senate candidacy.

    This gives the appearance that Trump is trying to curry favor with an important potential witness against him.
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Well done. Just take a bow.

    Satire from The Borowitz Report

    Denmark Offers to Buy U.S.

    By Andy Borowitz

    COPENHAGEN (The Borowitz Report)—After rebuffing Donald J. Trump’s hypothetical proposal to purchase Greenland, the government of Denmark has announced that it would be interested in buying the United States instead.

    “As we have stated, Greenland is not for sale,” a spokesperson for the Danish government said on Friday. “We have noted, however, that during the Trump regime, pretty much everything in the United States, including its government, has most definitely been for sale.”

    “Denmark would be interested in purchasing the United States in its entirety, with the exception of its government,” the spokesperson added.

    A key provision of the purchase offer, the spokesperson said, would be the relocation of Donald Trump to another country “to be determined,” with Russia and North Korea cited as possible destinations.

    If Denmark’s bid for the United States is accepted, the Scandinavian nation has ambitious plans for its new acquisition. “We believe that by giving the U.S. an educational system and national health care, it could be transformed from a vast land mass into a great nation,” the spokesperson said.

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Under Trump, Witness Protection has been infiltrated by the Russian Mafia
    Patrick Simpson
    Mar 14

    In October 2017, Curt Weldon joined the board of advisors for Monarch Air Group, which had just completed its first contract with the Justice Department’s Witness Security Division.

    Monarch Air is a known Russian mob front. This is such an open secret that a Conspiracy Theory website made up a story about how Monarch Air worked with the FSB to transport 370 Spetznetz troops to the United States to protect the Trump inauguration.

    It was actually somewhat believable given the presence of a South Florida biker gang literally named after the Spetznetz with ties to Trump properties.

    Why would the Trump Administrations Department of Justice allow a company that operates as a front for the Russian mob anywhere near the sacred halls of Witness Protection, not once, but twice? What was going on in June 2017 and January 2018 that warranted these contracts?

    The only reason these people have not ended up in prison is that it seems like Law Enforcement is too busy to communicate crimes across state lines.

    Curt Weldon is the author of the backchannel Ukrainian Peace Plan that Michael Cohen and Andrey Artemenko worked on and delivered to President Trump’s now-convicted National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) sent inquiry letters to Cohen and Cambridge Analytica requesting correspondence with Weldon at the end of 2017, and some refer to him as Putin’s first congressman. He is arguably the most significant tie between politicians in the United States and Putin’s Government, and given his belief that he was betrayed by his own government, it may not be hard to guess where he stands.

    Monarch is significant because of the ties it represents. In USA vs. Alimzon Tokhtakhounov, Attorney Joshua Naftalis made a matter of fact statement that the defendants were using Monarch to funnel money and drugs on behalf of the Russian Mafia.

    In this case, he was talking about the defendants Vadim Trincher and Anatoly Golubchik, who were in charge of the huge racketeering ring being run of out Trump Tower.

    While Trincher and Golubchik were running what Attorney Joshua Naftalis referred to as “ one of the biggest bookmaking operations in the world.” in New York, they were also running Monarch Air, Shuttleliner Cab of Ocala, Suncoast Air Cargo, and Skyway International out of Jacob Gitman’s Kane Concourse Address in Miami. Andrey Artemenko himself runs a defense contracting company, Ancovi International, out of the same Kane Concourse address.

    One of the Managers of “Ancovi” is a company named Global Assets LLC — which was founded by Artemenko AND Vadim Netscheret. Netscheret is another tie to Michael Cohen as Cohen had to go to court to discuss why he gave the alleged mobster check for $350,000.

    Monarch is just one of the hundreds of interconnected companies registered out of the same office building in the Bay Harbor Harbor Islands, connected to one family lead by one Jacob Gitman.

    Natasha Bertrand reported last year that the Ukrainian Peace Deal was able to happen because Artemenko was introduced to Felix Sater through a mutual friend named Yan Aronov. Yan is a registered agent at one of these many companies.


    In 2017, Zeke Faux wrote an explosive Pulitzer Prize worthy article for Bloomberg about a topic I had no idea existed; Phantom Debt Portfolios.

    As the story goes, scammers bought a whole load of personal information on the internet and packaged the information as loans that needed to be collected on. These portfolios get sold over and over and over again to hide the liability.

    However, they didn’t count on the tenacity of a small town guy named Andrew. After one of the debt collectors threatened to rape his wife in a debt collection call, he transformed into what can only be described as the modern-day equivalent of the Marvel Anti-Hero, the Punisher. They threatened his family so he vowed never to stop searching.

    He kept moving up the chain, taking down the payday loan industry, bit by bit when he found the supposed ring leader — Joel Tucker (and his brother Scott.)

    Very interesting connections existed from the outset of my reporting about the Joel Tucker case. For instance, Pay Day Loan Financier Del Kimball had to declare bankruptcy because Joel Tucker and his allies worked with Russian Payday loan magnate and son of the oligarch Igor Provkin to extort Kimball out of millions of dollars. In the Bankruptcy filings themselves, Kimball revealed that his business partner in Russia — Notorious Russian criminal Oleg Boyko was harassing him for payment of the monies Tucker stole and that he felt afraid for his life. Interestingly enough, Boyko was using Roman Abramovich as his intermediary.

    Boiko owned a condo in Trump tower from 1994 until he sold it to Gitman’s business partner and convicted criminal Vadim Trincher in 2009.

    Scott was convicted on 14 charges and sent to Prison. Six months after Bloomberg Article published the story, Joel was indicted on 15 counts and is due to in court later this year.

    Andrew, like Frank Castle, had finally caught his man.
    Or had he?

    This is where it gets truly fascinating

    On 8/27/18, the Attorney General of the State of New York filed a lawsuit against Hylan Asset Management and other related companies concerning the Phantom Debts.

    Andrew Shaevel, a well-respected businessman from Buffalo was one of the principles involved in the Phantom Debt scheme. He ultimately claimed he was unaware of the fake debts being sold by his company, but email evidence showed that he was aware of it and did not stop buying up the fake debts.

    Disbarred former lawyer Jon Purzihansky was his Partner in the venture. In 2006, Purzihansky, himself a Russian born American Citizen was found guilty of helping a Russian mobster obtain a VISA on false pretenses. Hylan was accused of purchasing the Phantom Debt Portfolios through a Chicago area intermediary, Stark Law.

    Attorney Dennis Vacco is the lawyer Purzihansky and Shaevel hired to defend them. He is the former New York Attorney General, serving while Giuliani was Mayor of New York City .

    Vacco is well known in New York circles for becoming the lobbyist for Waste Management months after settling an anti-Trust lawsuit against them. Michael Caputo also hired Vacco as his attorney in the “Trump Russia” scandal.

    Along came the Gitman Family. Jacob Gitman, through a Brazilian Investment Company “Prudent Investimentos” purchased 200 million in the fake debt portfolios, while allowing Hylan to continue managing the portfolio.

    Bizapedia lists Prudent as being registered in 2014, by Jacob Gitman, LGN International, and Roman Faizulin. Despite being registered by Gitman, Prudent was being run in public by Dennis Klemming. He has no connection to the company on any registrations forms that I’ve seen.

    According to Open Corporates, the directors of Prudent are a Brazillian man, Edson Luis Paulino, and what appears to be a “KSB International.”

    KSB International is a Maltese company, formed six months before Prudent invested in the fake debt portfolios. In April 2016, KSB itself entered into an agreement to purchase part of the Phantom debt portfolios from Hylan. Roman Faizulin was the point of contact.

    LGN International, a registered agent for Prudent Investmentos, filed a lawsuit on behalf of KSB International, in 2017. The Lawsuit alleges that KSB International and Russian-Israeli mercenary Edi Gurlovsky reached an agreement to form KSB Holdings and work together to collect on the 60 million of phantom debts KSB had purchased from Hylan.

    Once Gurlovsky was able to obtain the debt information, the lawsuit alleges that he formed his own collection company and transferred the phantom debts to said company.

    Living in a world where two debt collectors can sue each other over debts that don’t even exist is mind-boggling when you stop and think about it.

    Michael Kocharov is yet another tie from Gitman to Trump. He is an owner of two Trump Tower Panama Properties, and also a registered agent for one of Jacob Gitman’s companies. Kocharov’s business partner Alexandre Ventura Nogueira was the primary broker for the Panama Project and is now a convicted felon.


    Jacob and his son David are embroiled in a contract dispute being played out in the Miami County court system. The Plaintiffs allege that the Gitman’s siphoned 11 million dollars off of the contract they signed in 2012 for personal use through one of his companies, Basta Holdings (now known as Blackpoll Fleet International.)

    Aside from this, the former Basta CFO, Andrew Logullo had his FINRA membership suspended due to corruption. This case connects a lot of dots the federal government should have connected long ago.
    Jacob, David, and the Gitman family businesses have attempted to turn the case into one that blames another party. They started the case by convincing everyone around them that Boruch Freedman was the real decision maker and that they were unaware of the situation and just following directions.

    Evidence Freedman’s lawyers collected throughout the case revealed that Freedman supposedly wasn’t an officer in the company involved, nor did he fill out any of the bank paperwork. The Plaintiffs were able to convince the court to request his arrest with false information, but he had already fled the country due to receiving threats from the plaintiffs.

    During the case, it was revealed that the Plaintiffs “E.R. Troika” are actually the mobsters known as the Khazakh trio. The Trio — Patokh Chodiev, Alijan Ibragimov and Alexander Machkevich — built their fortunes in the mining, oil and gas industry. They’ve partnered with the Bayrock Group on developing Trump SoHo in the past and share extensive ties to Felix Sater.

    While this court case was ongoing, two of Jacobs children (Larry and David) were being served eviction notices for breaching their rental contracts. Interestingly enough, at least one of the brothers used their mother, Alisa, as a real estate agent. Alisa works for Sib Realty, the real estate agency that almost exclusively deals with Trump properties in Florida

    Sources have placed Michael Cohen in the same world as Jacob Gitman on multiple occasions as well. There are pretty significant indirect ties between the two, but no smoking gun as of yet.

    These aforementioned crimes mentioned above would send anyone to jail. Certainly, the Fake Debt scheme harmed more people than Hollywood Celebrities wasting money to get their kids into reputable colleges, but this happened because authorities across the country fail to share notes and lack the manpower to do the research needed to find the crimes.

    The very fact that Monarch Air was able to sign two major Witness Security contracts with the DOJ while being tied to the Russian Mob is a story that should have been told months ago. My only hope is that somebody important in the Mueller investigation reads this

    What I, and many other researchers in the twitter verse have found is a vast network of mobsters based out of Miami. They run fake debt scams, insurance scams, they’re running “IV infusion centers,” they’ve infiltrated the DOJ and have secret contracts with the Department of Defense. This is only scratching the surface and there are clearly more people involved and it seems to be financed by this Nexis of investment companies with Prudent in the name.
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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