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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    What makes you think Tiny gets to open his mouth when Vlad calls? Vlad doesn't mess around. He probably delivers instructions and that's it. Except, of course, that he probably has to deliver the same instruction 9-10 times before Tiny is able to understand.
    Face it. It's the apocalypse.

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Quote Originally Posted by ponchi101 View Post
    What makes you think Tiny gets to open his mouth when Vlad calls? Vlad doesn't mess around. He probably delivers instructions and that's it. Except, of course, that he probably has to deliver the same instruction 9-10 times before Tiny is able to understand.
    There's been reports that most of their calls is Trump boasting about himself, as one would expect.

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Vlad listening to Tiny's boasts

    “No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up.” – Lily Tomlin.

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Joy Reid
    Barr is asked by @RepSwalwell whether, given his own prior statements that interfering in a federal prosecution would be a crime, he is investigating Donald Trump for intervening in Roger Stone's sentencing. Barr: No.
    Swalwell: Why not?
    Barr: why should I?
    “No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up.” – Lily Tomlin.

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Megan Mineiro @MMineiro_CNS


    Demings says she is a former police detective and sees an alarming pattern developing in the Trump administration where officials investigating the president are fired and replaced by a friend of Barr.
    “No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up.” – Lily Tomlin.

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    For those of us (me) who have already arrived in Hades, this was just another day at the farm. But, I loved Rep. Jayapal. She surely came prepared to rip him a new one. GH

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Apparently, Mr. Barr never learned the ramifications of being "under oath" in law school. What an amazing performance!! Isn't it time to impeach him now. All they should need would be to prove that one thing he said "under oath" was a lie. I think there were about 1000 things there for the taking.


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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Ambassador Pete Hoekstra @usambnl

    Walked among the graves at Ysselsteyn, a cemetery for German soldiers from WWI & WWII. A terrible reminder of the cost of going to war and why we must always work towards peace.
    Evan McMullin@EvanMcMullin

    Indeed, war is beyond terrible, but I never thought I'd see an American ambassador mourn the loss of Nazi soldiers' lives. Our diplomats should be advancing freedom, not sending sympathetic signals to tyrants and the far-right.
    “No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up.” – Lily Tomlin.

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    I went once to the German WW2 cemetery east of Mont St. Michel in Normandy. It was hard to find, but I had a rental car and that made it possible. It is on a hill maybe 5 miles east of Mont St. Michel and maybe a mile from the coast. It was worth the trip for the truly lovely view of Mont St. Michel from that hill.

    But I digress.....I was very touched by this cemetery. They had a covered-but-not-indoor display about the war in Normandy seen from the side of the rank-and-file German soldiers. One of the displays was letters sent home to mothers in Germany shortly before the D-day invasion, or in some cases, within a day or so of the invasion. The letters were beyond touching. That display should make anyone mourn. These were all someone's little boys who had come there to die.

    A funny anecdote about that day: The letters were so touching to me that I was standing there translating them for my friend and very long-time travel companion who doesn't speak German. About halfway through one letter, she started talking along with me, saying almost the exact same words I was. I got confused only to find out, of course, that she had found that they were all translated into English and French and available for speakers of those languages.

    I would compare it to the amazing museum in Chiran, Japan, to the Kamikaze pilots. You wouldn't think that westerners would mourn there, but I also found myself mourning there. In the case of the Kamikaze, all of the Kamikaze pilots were required to write a letter to their mothers the night before their mission. There was very little English in that museum. But those letters were translated to English only. I stood there a good while reading the translations (with the same friend who had been at the German one). I was totally touched and emotional.

    When Sue and I were at the German cemetery in Normandy, it was mid-winter and we were the only visitors there the whole time we were there. In Chiran, it was mid-March but there were still a lot of Japanese visitors. I saw some of the fastest head-turning I've ever seen in my life when the Japanese tourists saw a white boy there. I think none of them expected that. I was certainly the only white person I saw there (Sue is Chinese). So I got all the funny looks.

    I would highly recommend a visit to either of these places or similar ones. It is important to remember the suffering on both sides in war. It is similar to how strongly I recommend visits to the Peace Park in Hiroshima.

    I disagree horribly about Evan McMullin's comment. As a human being, I actually am a bit offended by it. I was not condoning Naziism by going to that cemetery. That is a horrible thing for him to suggest. The suffering and loss of life occur on both sides.


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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Judd Legum @JuddLegum

    UPDATE: Starting Tuesday, there was a lot of interest in the Trump administration $765M loan to Kodak that sent its stock from $2.11 to $60

    But during that convo, the most direct evidence of executive profiteering was being CONCEALED from the public

    2. Late Wednesday (7/29), Kodak quietly disclosed to the SEC that the day before the deal was announced (7/27) it awarded a bunch of options to top Kodak execs

    The top beneficiary was Kodak CEO Jim Continenza he received 1.75 MILLION options on 7/27

    3. But when Continenza appeared on Fox Business and CNBC on the morning of 7/29, he could not be asked about the option grants BECAUSE KODAK HAD NOT DISCLOSED THEM

    It appears to be a deliberate effort to keep the grant out of the news cycle

    (A soft paywall)
    “No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up.” – Lily Tomlin.

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Julian Sanchez @normative
    What? "Mr. Trump said that TikTok would shut down on Sept. 15 unless Microsoft or another company purchased it. He added that the U.S. Treasury Department would need to receive a lot of money in return for the deal, without explaining how that would work.”

    Both parts of this are incredibly disturbing: The casual assertion that Trump can unilaterally “shut down” a media platform, and the implication that the government would somehow extort a payment as a condition on a business acquisition.

    This is a laughably thin “national security” pretext being invoked to abuse executive emergency authorities in order to expropriate a foreign company. If China was pulling this this, we’d recognize it easily for what it was.

    Remember, the basis for casually threatening to shut down an expressive platform used by millions of people is the *completely speculative* threat that China might demand the company turn over user data on U.S. teenagers who make short videos and do… something… with it.

    Trump’s full explanation of why Treasury should get a “cut” of a Microsoft/TikTok deal is, somehow, even more grotesque and shameless than I had anticipated.

    He’s just openly declaring that Microsoft should pay the government for driving down TikTok’s sale price by threatening sanctions.

    This is literally the Mafia’s business model. “We’ll threaten them until they’re forced to sell their business; then you give us a cut for the use of our muscle.”
    “No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up.” – Lily Tomlin.

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Don't forget Tik Tok is the platform used by kids to buy up reservations for his Tulsa appearance that made them look foolish when only ~6,000 people showed up.

    And yeah a shakedown by any other name...
    “No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up.” – Lily Tomlin.

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    This May Be The Most Absurd, Trumpian Drama Ever
    The federal agency primarily responsible for the distribution of foreign aid has been roiled in recent days by the most Trumpian of dramas, one involving an anti-LGBT political appointee, blundering conservative operative Jacob Wohl, accusations of stalking, prostitution, and the potential hiring of a young conservative with past racist writings.

    The chaos seemed set to crest with a slap-dash press conference scheduled for this Thursday. But within a day of the presser’s announcement, the main protagonist was apparently recanting her accusations and insinuating that Wohl had stolen her phone and signed into her Twitter account to send the offending messages that set off the fireworks that got her fired.

    The setting of the entire mess was the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), an agency known largely as a bit of a backwater when it comes to the government’s foreign policy apparatus, but one with a $16.8 billion foreign aid budget. On Monday a political appointee and deputy White House liaison there, Merritt Corrigan, took to Twitter to accuse her employer of “anti-Christian” bias.

    Corrigan’s appointment at USAID has been under fire for months over anti-gay tweets she made in 2019 and 2020, including accusing the United States of being a “homo-empire” devoted to a “tyrannical LGBT agenda,” tweeting that “female empowerment is a civilizational calamity,” and advocating for the creation of a “Christian patriarchy.” But on Monday, her targets were both USAID itself and House Foreign Relations Affairs Committee Chair Eliot Engel (D-NY), whom she accused of soliciting prostitutes. As Corrigan’s initial tweets went up, she claimed USAID gave her a 3 p.m. deadline to resign or be fired. When the deadline passed, Corrigan said she was fired.

    On its own, the episode was bizarre. But then it got much weirder.

    Corrigan, who is/was apparently dating Wohl, announced that she’d be appearing Thursday in front of Wohl associate Jack Burkman’s Northern Virginia house—a site that has previously hosted farcical attempts to smear Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) with lurid sexual allegations. There, she would further denounce USAID, accuse a Politico reporter who covered her resignation of stalking her, and demand that Engel debate her and Burkman. In a press release announcing the press conference, Burkman and Wohl claimed that Wohl, who is currently facing two felony charges related to security sales in California, had “been working behind the scenes with Corrigan for months.”

    Jacob Wohl’s Bogus Warren Accuser Exaggerated His Military Service Record

    Engel’s office did not return a request for comment. And, perhaps, for good reason. The accusations have no proof or merit, and as the story unfolded it became increasingly difficult to get a read on where the truth actually began and the innuendo and smears ended.

    On Tuesday afternoon, Corrigan deleted her tweets attacking USAID and stopped responding to messages from The Daily Beast. Wohl claimed in an interview Tuesday that a coterie of Trumpworld personalities had convinced Corrigan to backtrack on her claims. And Burkman claimed that Corrigan had “buyer’s remorse” after sending her tweets.

    “Somebody does something and then they regret it,” Burkman said.

    But later in the day, a conduit sent a statement from Corrigan herself that was darker in implication. Corrigan now claimed she’d become the pawn of individuals who had attempted to “ruin” her.

    "I would like to apologize,” it read. “Especially to the people who have been affected or hurt by the messages sent from my Twitter account, and the claims made in my name over the past 24 hours. I did NOT send these messages, and while I vehemently protested about them being sent in my name, my devices were not in my control. I see now that I was part of an abusive scheme and I was used to attack people that have nothing to do with me.

    “I will not be participating in any press conferences as claimed in my name, and will have nothing to do with individuals who forced me to hand over my devices so they could control me and the output in my name. Due to naivete and inexperience, I became involved with people who abused my trust, conned me, and claimed they were working in my interest. I became powerless in a situation, and I deeply regret not reaching out to people who knew better, or could help me.”

    Corrigan is far from the first Wohl associate to bail on one of his press conferences. But she does appear to be the first to have formally held such a high post at a government agency. And her drama illustrates the degree to which the once-staid USAID has become a stomping grounds for a twisted, absurdist circus involving Trumpian figures who despise one another and are notorious for trying to conduct botched operations against their political foes.

    Prior to the apparent change of course, Corrigan had also made one other noteworthy assertion—that USAID was set to hire yet another controversial political appointment: conservative personality Kyle Kashuv, whose admission to Harvard was revoked last year over racist remarks he made in high school.

    Kashuv, a survivor of the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, rose to fame on the right in the aftermath of the shooting as a conservative counterweight to pro-gun control Parkland students. Kashuv’s opposition to the gun control measures pushed by his classmates earned him a visit to the White House, and a position at conservative campus group Turning Point USA. Along the way, Kashuv antagonized Wohl and some of his right-wing associates for actions like criticizing anti-Muslim activist Laura Loomer for wearing a Nazi-era Jewish star to protest her Twitter ban.

    Harvard Pulls Pro-Gun Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv’s Admission Over Racial Slurs

    But Kashuv’s star on the right imploded in May 2019, when he was exposed by a fellow classmate for writing racist messages and Google Doc notes. In one text message, Kashuv complained that a classmate dated “ni**erjocks.” In the aftermath of the reporting on Kashuv’s remarks, Harvard revoked Kashuv’s admission to its undergraduate class.

    Corrigan claims Kashuv has been offered a political appointment to be a special assistant to USAID Deputy Administrator Bonnie Glick, after initially being considered for a congressional liaison position. That job offer, she adds, was one point of disagreement with her fellow USAID officials that ultimately led to her speaking out against the agency.

    “I don’t believe that he’s a real conservative, and his prior media was going to bring a lot of negativity to USAID,” Corrigan told The Daily Beast.

    The Daily Beast wasn’t able to confirm that Kashuv has been offered a position at USAID, but did obtain a document dated July 31 purporting to be an offer letter from USAID, offering Kashuv a position with roughly $50,000 annual salary as an assistant to Glick, pending a security clearance. The purported offer letter to Kashuv listed the phone number of a USAID employee. When a reporter for The Daily Beast called the number, the woman who answered identified herself as a USAID employee but refused to answer questions about the letter.

    “I’m sorry, I can’t answer your call,” the woman said, before hanging up.

    USAID declined repeated requests to comment on whether the agency had offered Kashuv a position, but a spokesperson said USAID would investigate “any complaints of anti-Christian bias” made by Corrigan.

    Kashuv didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment. Glick, who called Kashuv a “rockstar” in a May tweet, also didn’t respond to requests for comment.

    This story is bizarre, even in bizarro Trumpworld
    "And for my next fearless prediction..."

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