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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Anne Garrett‏@annediego Feb 22
    My flight from SFO to JFK. We were told we couldn't disembark without showing our "documents."

    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Soon they'll have foreigners wear symbols on their clothes.... Wait.... that's already been done? How did it end?
    Meet again we do, old foe...

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Every VoiceVerified account‏@EveryVoice 14m14 minutes ago
    Wait, who's paid?

    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Peter HambyVerified account

    Crowd at CPAC waving these little pro-Trump flags that look exactly like the Russian flag. Staffers quickly come around to confiscate them.

    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Can they be any more idiotic? I mean really. That's just baiting.
    Meet again we do, old foe...

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    February 24, 2017

    Trump Badly Losing His Fights With Media

    PPP's newest national poll finds that Donald Trump is losing all of his fights with the media- and voters really think he needs to reduce his cable news consumption.

    62% of voters nationally think Trump should keep his cable watching to less than an hour a day, and 82% think he needs to keep it under 2 hours a day. Just 6% of voters in the country think it's a good idea for Trump to spend more than 2 hours a day watching cable news.

    Last week Trump declared that the news media was the 'enemy of the American people' but we find that only 35% of voters believe that, to 53% who say that isn't the case. By a 48/44 spread they say it is actually Trump who is the greater threat to the American people than the media. We asked voters who they thought had more credibility between Trump and each of the outlets he singled out for attack last week, and Trump loses out to every one of them by double digits:


    We also in general find that voters find the media outlets Trump considers hostile to him credible, while it finds the outlets more friendly to him less credible.

    All 5 of the outlets Trump singled out for attack last week are seen as credible by majorities of the public. Out of the Trump friendly outlets only Fox News comes out seen as more credible than not, but it is still seen as less credible than all the mainstream outlets Trump targeted in his media attack tweet last week. Meanwhile Daily Caller, Info Wars, and Breitbart clearly still just appeal to fringes of the population even with Trump in the White House- even within his base only 6-20% of voters consider each of those sources to be credible.

    Other notes from our newest poll on the Trump Presidency:

    -For the first time ever in our polling we now find an outright majority of Americans in favor of the Affordable Care Act- 50% support it to only 38% who are opposed. Only 33% of voters think the best path forward on the ACA is outright repeal, while 61% think it should be kept with whatever needs to be fixed in it being fixed.

    -By a 58/29 spread, voters want an independent investigation into Russia's involvement in the 2016 election and its ties to Michael Flynn. Russia (12/61 favorability) and Vladimir Putin (8/73 favorability) continue to be extremely unpopular with Americans, and they want the government to get to the bottom of their interference in our affairs.

    -Sweden was not the right foe for Donald Trump to pick a fight with. Sweden has a 58/9 favorability rating with Americans, compared to Donald Trump's 44/52, and by a 48/38 spread voters say they have a higher opinion of Sweden than Trump.
    -Members of Congress who dodge open town hall meetings may be opening themselves up to trouble with their constituents. 81% of voters think they ought to hold town halls, to only 5% who think their members of Congress should avoid them. That includes overwhelming majorities of Democrats (88/2), independents (81/2), and Republicans (73/11) who think members of Congress should make themselves available to the public in that way.

    Mitch McConnell (25/45 approval) and Paul Ryan (37/43 approval) are both unpopular, and Democrats hold a 46/43 lead on the generic Congressional ballot.

    -The basic transparency concerns voters have about Donald Trump aren't going anywhere 5 weeks into his tenure as President. 61% of voters think he needs to release his tax returns, to only 33% who don't think it's necessary for him to. In fact by a 57/32 spread, voters would support a law requiring Presidential candidates to release 5 years of their tax returns to even appear on the ballot. Concerns about Trump's business conflicts remain as well- 62% think he needs to fully divest from his business interests, to only 29% who don't think it's necessary for him to.

    -Trump comes in with a 45/48 approval spread this week, and with his favorability rating at 44/52. We've seen more fluctuation in his approval numbers since he took office than his favorability. Only 43% of voters agree with the claim Trump made last week that the White House is running well, to 51% who say it's not. One reason for the perception that the White House is not running well may be the unpopularity of a lot of Trump's most prominent aides. Steve Bannon (19/42 favorability), Kellyanne Conway (33/46 favorability), and Sean Spicer (32/37 favorability) are all seen in a negative light.

    Trump's campaign style rally in Florida last week did not come off well with voters- only 39% think he should continue to hold campaign rallies as President, to 51% who say he should not. Speaking of the campaign, despite Trump's repeated claims of having won the most electoral votes since Ronald Reagan most voters aren't buying that- only 19% think he had the biggest win since Reagan to 58% who say he didn't. Trump's voters do buy the lie though- 43% of them think he had the biggest win since Reagan to 28% who think he didn't, and 29% who aren't sure.

    We find this week that support for impeaching Trump is at 41%, with 46% of voters opposed to impeachment. 70% of voters think it should be legal to protest Trump, to 21% who think protesting Trump should be illegal. Among Trump's voters it's closer with 51% thinking protesting the President should be legal to 38% who say they think it should be illegal.

    -Finally Kyrie Irving is really off on his own with the 'earth is flat' thing.' Only 1% of Americans believe that. It's hard to find anything only 1% of Americans believe.

    Full results HERE
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Maggie HabermanVerified account‏@maggieNYT 37m37 minutes ago
    Trump, who for years called NYC gossip pages on background, says people should put their names to their information.
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Zac Petkanas‏@Zac_Petkanas 28m28 minutes ago
    Russian flag-waving Trump supporters know he's a puppet of the Kremlin.

    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Kyle GriffinVerified account‏@kylegriffin1 60m60 minutes ago
    Pelosi calls for new investigation into Priebus, WH comms w/ FBI on ongoing investigations: "The American people deserve to know the truth.”

    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    This is the guy who tried to intimidate someone over the phone a day or so ago.

    Exclusive: Senior Trump Aide Forged Key Ties To Anti-Semitic Groups In Hungary
    Lili Bayer February 24, 2017 BUDAPEST

    When photographs recently emerged showing Sebastian Gorka, President Donald Trump’s high-profile deputy assistant, wearing a medal associated with the Nazi collaborationist regime that ruled Hungary during World War II, the controversial security strategist was unapologetic.

    “I’m a proud American now and I wear that medal now and again,” Gorka told Breitbart News. Gorka, 46, who was born in Britain to Hungarian parents and is now an American citizen, asked rhetorically, “Why? To remind myself of where I came from, what my parents suffered under both the Nazis and the Communists, and to help me in my work today.”

    But an investigation by the Forward into Gorka’s activities from 2002 to 2007, while he was active in Hungarian politics and journalism, found that he had close ties then to Hungarian far-right circles, and has in the past chosen to work with openly racist and anti-Semitic groups and public figures.

    Gorka’s involvement with the far right includes co-founding a political party with former prominent members of Jobbik, a political party with a well-known history of anti-Semitism; repeatedly publishing articles in a newspaper known for its anti-Semitic and racist content; and attending events with some of Hungary’s most notorious extreme-right figures.

    When Gorka was asked — in an email exchange with the Forward — about the anti-Semitic records of some of the groups and individuals he has worked with, he instead pivoted to talk about his family’s history.

    “My parents, as children, lived through the nightmare of WWII and the horrors of the Nyilas puppet fascist regime,” he said, referring to the Arrow Cross regime that took over Hungary near the very end of World War II and murdered thousands of Jews.

    In the United States, Gorka, who was appointed deputy assistant to the president on January 20, is known as a television commentator, a professor and an “alt-right” writer who describes himself as a counterterrorism expert. A close associate of Stephen Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist, Gorka is now part of Bannon’s key in-house White House think tank, the Strategic Initiatives Group. The newly formed group consists of figures close to Trump and is seen by some as a rival to the National Security Council in formulating policies for the president.

    Gorka, who views Islam as a religion with an inherent predilection for militancy, has strong supporters among some right-leaning think tanks in Washington. “Dr. Gorka is one of the most knowledgeable, well-read and studied experts on national security that I’ve ever met,” Joseph Humire, executive director of the Center for a Secure Free Society, told the Forward. Humire has known Gorka for nearly a decade, and considers him “top-notch.”

    Born in London to parents who fled Hungary’s post-World War II Communist regime, Gorka has had a career that’s marked by frequent job changes and shifting national allegiances. The U.S. government is the third sovereign state to hire him in a national security role. As a young man, he was a member of the United Kingdom’s Territorial Army reserves, where he served in the Intelligence Corps. Then, following the fall of Communism in Hungary, he was employed in 1992 by the country’s Ministry of Defense. He worked there for five years, apparently on issues related to Hungary’s accession to NATO.

    Gorka’s marriage in 1996 to an American, Katharine Cornell, an heir to Pennsylvania-based Cornell Iron Works, helped him become a U.S. citizen in 2012.

    A Web of Deep Ties to Hungary’s Far Right

    It was during his time in Hungary that Gorka developed ties to the country’s anti-Semitic and ultranationalist far right.

    During large-scale anti-government demonstrations in Hungary in 2006, Gorka took on an active role, becoming closely involved with a protest group called the Hungarian National Committee (Magyar Nemzeti Bizottság). Gorka took on the roles of translator, press coordinator and adviser for the group.

    Among the four Committee members named as the group’s political representatives was László Toroczkai, then head of the 64 Counties Youth Movement. Toroczkai founded that group in 2001 to advocate for the return of parts of modern-day Serbia, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine to form a Greater Hungary, restoring the country’s pre-World War I borders.

    In 2004, two years before the Movement’s involvement in the 2006 protests, Hungarian authorities opened an investigation into the Movement’s newspaper, Magyar Jelen, when an article referred to Jews as “Galician upstarts” and went on to argue: “We should get them out. In fact, we need to take back our country from them, take back our stolen fortunes. After all, these upstarts are sucking on our blood, getting rich off our blood.” At the time of the article’s publication, Toroczkai was both an editor at the paper and the Movement’s official leader.

    Toroczkai currently serves as vice president of Jobbik and is the mayor of a village near the border Hungary shares with Serbia. Last year, he gained notoriety in the West for declaring a goal of banning Muslims and gays from his town.


    The party’s founders did not see themselves as far right or anti-Semitic.

    “I knew Gorka as a strongly Atlanticist, conservative person,” Molnár, the former Jobbik vice president and co-founder of Gorka’s party, told the Forward in a phone conversation. He added that he could not imagine Gorka having anti-Semitic views.

    Gorka rejects the notion that he knew any of his political allies had connections to the far right.

    “I only knew Molnár as an artist and Bégány as a former conservative local politician (MDF if I recall),” Gorka wrote in response to a question regarding the Jobbik affiliations of his former party co-founders. “What they did after I left Hungary is not something I followed.” (MDF is an acronym for the Hungarian Democratic Forum, a now-defunct center-right party.)

    In fact, both Molnár and Bégány were members of Jobbik before, and not after, they founded the new party with Gorka. Molnár was Jobbik’s high-profile vice president until September 2006, before he, Gorka and Bégány launched the New Democratic Coalition in early 2007.

    Gorka appeared at a press conference with Molnár on September 21, 2006 — one day after Molnár resigned his position as Jobbik’s vice president. Gorka was also photographed on September 23, 2006, wearing a badge with the Hungarian National Committee’s logo as he was standing next to Molnár at a podium while Molnár briefed the press on the Committee’s activities. At the time Gorka was making these public appearances with the Hungarian National Committee’s leadership, extreme-right leader Toroczkai was already a top member of the Committee.


    Breitbart, the “alt-right” publication, where Gorka himself served as national security editor prior to joining the White House staff, defended his wardrobe choice, writing on February 14 that, “as any of his Breitbart News colleagues could testify, Gorka is not only pro-Israel but ‘pro-Jewish,’ and defends both against the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.”

    “In 1979 my father was awarded a declaration for his resistance to a dictatorship, and although he passed away 14 years ago, I wear that medal in remembrance of what my family went through and what it represents today, to me, as an American,” Gorka told Breibart on February 15, as the controversy regarding his choice to wear a Horthy-era medal intensified.

    But the medal was not the first time Gorka expressed appreciation for symbols that many associate with Hungary’s World War II-era Nazi sympathizers. In 2006, Gorka defended the use of the Arpad flag, which Hungary’s murderous Arrow Cross Party used as their symbol. The Hungarian Arrow Cross Party killed thousands of Jews during World War II, shooting many of them alongside the Danube River and throwing them into the water. Gorka told the news agency JTA at the time that “if you say eight centuries of history can be eradicated by 18 months of fascist distortion of symbols, you’re losing historic perspective.”


    Over the past few weeks, Gorka has become an informal spokesman for the White House, appearing on radio and television shows to defend Trump’s rhetoric and policy choices — including those that are relevant to the Jewish community.

    Asked during a February 6 talk show to acknowledge that it was “questionable” for the White House to leave out any specific mention of Jews as the Nazis’ target in its Holocaust Remembrance Day statement, which referred only to “innocent people” being victimized, Gorka called the criticism “asinine”.

    “No, I’m not going to admit it,” he said. “It’s absurd. You’re making a statement about the Holocaust. Of course it’s about the Holocaust because that’s what the statement’s about. It’s only reasonable to twist it if your objective is to attack the president.”

    It remains unclear whether the White House ever took a deep look into Gorka’s activities in Hungary. Six White House staffers have reportedly been dismissed for failing FBI background checks; Gorka was not among them.

    In 2002, Hungary’s intelligence service denied Gorka a security clearance.
    Gorka was nominated by the right-wing Fidesz party as its candidate to be an expert in an investigation into allegations that then-Prime Minister Péter Medgyessy had served as a counterintelligence officer during the Communist era. At the time, Gorka’s earlier ties to British intelligence were considered a concern, and he was ultimately not allowed to take part in the investigation.

    Gorka’s friends and close associates in the United States do not believe that he is ideologically part of Hungary’s far right.

    “I am pretty certain that SG [Sebastian Gorka] has some major differences with aspects of what you call the far-right,” Alejandro Chafuen, who has known Gorka for nearly two decades, wrote the Forward in an email exchange. However, Chafuen, who serves as president of the U.S.-based Atlas Network, added that he does not know whether these ideological differences also include Gorka’s perspective on minority issues and historical memory.

    Meanwhile, Gorka’s former political partners in Hungary are pleased with his successes in Washington.

    “I am happy, because this could be good for Hungarian-American relations,” said Molnár, the former Jobbik vice president and co-founder of Gorka’s short-lived party, in his conversation with the Forward. “But I was surprised…No Hungarian public figure has ever been so close to the White House.”
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Thanks to @JazzNU for this article!

    White House adviser asked FBI to dispute Russia reports

    By Julie Pace | AP February 24 at 11:41 AM

    WASHINGTON — White House chief of staff Reince Priebus asked a top FBI official to dispute media reports that President Donald Trump’s campaign advisers were frequently in touch with Russian intelligence agents during the election, a White House official says.

    The official said that Priebus’ request came after the FBI told the White House it believed a New York Times report last week describing those contacts was not accurate. As of Thursday, the FBI had not stated that position publicly and there was no indication it planned to.

    The New York Times reported that U.S. agencies had intercepted phone calls last year between Russian intelligence officials and members of Trump’s 2016 campaign team.

    Priebus’ discussion with FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe sparked outrage among some Democrats, who said that the chief of staff was violating policies intended to limit communications between the law enforcement agency and the White House on pending investigations.

    “The White House is simply not permitted to pressure the FBI to make public statements about a pending investigation of the president and his advisers,” said Michigan Rep. John Conyers, the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee.

    A 2009 memo from then-Attorney General Eric Holder said the Justice Department is to advise the White House on pending criminal or civil investigations “only when it is important for the performance of the president’s duties and appropriate from a law enforcement perspective.” When communication has to occur, the memo said, it should involve only the highest-level officials from the White House and the Justice Department.

    The White House official would not comment when asked if the administration was concerned about the appropriateness of Priebus’ communications with McCabe. The official was not authorized to disclose the matter publicly and insisted on anonymity.

    The FBI would not say whether it had contacted the White House about the veracity of the Times report.

    CNN first reported that Priebus had asked the FBI to weigh in on the matter.

    Trump has been shadowed by questions about potential ties to Russia since winning the election. U.S. intelligence agencies have also concluded that Russia meddled in the campaign to help Trump defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton.

    Last week, Trump fired national security adviser Michael Flynn because he misled Vice President Mike Pence and other White House officials about his contacts with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. Flynn, who was interviewed by the FBI about his contacts, is said to have talked with the ambassador multiple times during the transition, including a discussion about U.S. sanctions policy.

    Still, Trump and his advisers have denied contacts with Russian officials during the election. Last week, Trump said “nobody that I know of” spoke with Russian intelligence agents during the campaign.

    Priebus alluded to his contacts with the FBI over the weekend, telling Fox News that “the top levels of the intelligence community” have assured him that the allegations of campaign contacts with Russia were “not only grossly overstated, but also wrong.”

    Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., said Priebus’ comments opened the door for FBI Director James Comey to discuss the bureau’s investigation publicly.

    “If the White House chief of staff can make public claims about the supposed conclusions of an FBI investigation, then Director Comey can come clean with the American people,” Wyden said.

    Justin Shur, a former Justice Department public corruption prosecutor, said it was imperative that Justice Department investigations not be swayed by political considerations.

    “As a general matter, investigations and prosecutions should be about gathering the facts and the evidence and applying the law,” Shur said.

    During the campaign, Trump and other Republicans vigorously criticized a meeting between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton, husband of Trump’s general election opponent. The meeting came as the FBI — which is overseen by the Justice Department — was investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email address and personal internet server.

    Associated Press writers Eric Tucker and Eileen Sullivan contributed to this report.

    Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Dan DiamondVerified account
    Blocked from White House media briefing

    · CNN
    · NY Times
    · LA Times
    · BuzzFeed

    Allowed to attend
    · Breitbart

    Thomas W Polk‏@twpolk 6m6 minutes ago
    @attackerman NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX all stayed. Ridiculous.
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Steven PerlbergVerified account‏@perlberg 1h1 hour ago

    I'm at a meeting of the standing committee of the US Senate Press Gallery, where Larry Solov is here to try to get credentials for Breitbart

    Committee wants Bannon to state publicly/put in letterhead that he has no affiliation w Breitbart. Solov says he resigned to him via phone

    Committee wants to know the ownership of Breitbart. Solov wants to disclose that just to the committee members (there are 3 reporters here)

    Solov: "We want to get our credentials. We think we are a qualified organization."

    Solov: "I want to disclose as little as possible about financial and ownership structure."

    The committee has gone into incognito mode. Solov and we 3 reporters are out in the hallway

    And we're back. The owners of Breitbart are Solov, Andrew Breitbart's widow, and the Mercer family

    That's according to Solov right now

    Susie Breitbart has the largest percentage ownership stake in Breitbart, Solov says

    Committee wants letter w:
    - date of Bannon's resignation
    - that it's a termination not a leave
    - address any editorial/financial interest

    Committee asks who in the Mercer family is an owner, Solov says he won't break it down further right now

    Committee's next meeting is March 20, wants the letter by then, sooner the better, they say!

    Solov: "If I could get Bannon to write it down, I would" (regarding the resignation/relationship)

    We are adjourned
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: A Chronicle of our Descent to Hades

    Sabrina SiddiquiVerified account

    Statement from WHCA pres @jeffmason1 says board is "protesting strongly" against WH barring members of press from gaggle with @PressSec

    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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