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Thread: Noobie here

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    Noobie here

    Hey guys, I am new to Tennis and I am going to start being coached soon. I play Table Tennis but now that I got really good at it I got bored of it and wanted to try something new. Just to let you guy know I played Table Tennis competitively and won many tournaments. I am not a basement player. I just wanted to give Tennis a shot and something that tires me more cause Table Tennis never tired me out. I have been looking into rackets and decided to by Head MX Spark tour. I have taken a look at the racket head size and all the other things that a beginner need, but I just wanted to ask people that have more experience in the sport. Is this a good racket that I am purchasing?

    Racket that I am purchasing.

    HEAD MX Spark Tour Tennis Racquet

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    Re: Noobie here

    Seems like a good choice for a first racquet. Once you know if you will be playing long term and what sort of player you are then you can invest in something better that will help your playing style.

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    Re: Noobie here

    What are the different types of playing syles in tennis?

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    Re: Noobie here

    Serve and volley: You serve, you rush the net, you try to win it with one volley. By now a bit (a lot) dead because the passing shots are way better than in the past.
    Aggressive: you force the issue. You hit winners from behind the baselines. You simply want to hit more winners than unforced errors. If you do, you will do fine. Roger, Serena.
    Defense: Rafa, Novak. Basically you are a wall behind the baseline, you get to everything, you wait for the other guy to make the mistake. Great on clay.
    Counter attacker: you wait for the other guy to make his move and then you neutralize him and become aggressive yourself. Murray.
    All courter: You don't mind, you can do it all, anywhere from the court. Again, Roger. Or nobody in TAT.

    But basically, you will find some strokes you like better and you will use them more. And that will be your style.
    What Skating said. A solid first racket. Hope you will enjoy it.
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