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    Re: The Greatest Loser 2016: Scoreboard

    Heh....good call waylandboy. I'm way ahead of Omega in medals in loser contests so I'm a much bigger loser than Omega!

    Thanks to dave and everyone who helped.

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    Re: The Greatest Loser 2016: Scoreboard

    Congratulations to waylandboy and ptmcmahon. Thanks a lot, waylandboy for passing me this week, you are now "The Greatest Loser".
    Thanks to dave g and the contest staff.

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    Re: The Greatest Loser 2016: Scoreboard

    Congrats winners!

    And thanks to staff. I liked this twist on things! Though clearly, I still need practice in managing my trades and picks for late weeks of contests!

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    Re: The Greatest Loser 2016: Scoreboard

    Quote Originally Posted by waylandboy-tw View Post

    Congrats to Tenedab and Ptm too!

    Excited to be the first to 6 Fantasy Tennis titles, and finally be ahead of Omegadoom in something Might be short-lived, so will enjoy it for now.

    Thanks to Daveg for running this contest, and to the rest of the staff for their support.

    Hopefully will see y'all for A Month In The Sun (AMiTS) in early 2017!

    Belated Congrats to my pal Waylandboy, my Predictions pal Ptmcmahon, & to Tenedab!

    Well, I always knew Waylandboy had a Capital L on his forehead, and was a Lou-Hooo-Zurr-Herr, but now, it's official! You don't have to worry about singing your favorite verse, "Soy un perdedor", from the Beck song "Loser" any more, when your out in public, or at one of those NFL games.

    Seriously, way to go buddy! With this title, you are now the Gold standard in ALL TAT Fantasy Tennis contests! Well played & well deserved!

    Many thanks to DaveG, and the rest of the TAT staff who ran this contest. Very much appreciated!

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