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    2016 Around The World: Tournaments and Points

    Tired of Halep, Sharapova and S Williams getting all the glory? Wish for your Camila Giorgi and Kurumi Nara pick to be more important? Or for that a Carla Suarez Navarro win in Acapulco to be meaningful? Well, this time we're going for exactly that. ALL tournaments will give the exact same points for the same stages. So, finally we'll have to really think twice about our scrubs and give them their due. And for once, the lower categories will have a lot of movement.

    Here are the point values associated with each tournament:

    All tournaments except Dubai and Doha:
    First round : 7
    Second round : 15
    Quarterfinal : 25
    Semifinal : 45
    Final : 70
    Winner : 100

    Dubai and Doha:
    First round : 2
    Second round : 7
    Third round : 15
    Quarterfinal : 25
    Semifinal : 45
    Final : 70
    Winner : 100

    The list of tournaments and start dates are:

    St. Petersburg February 8
    Taiwan February 8
    Dubai February 15
    Rio February 15
    Doha February 21
    Acapulco February 22
    Monterrey February 29
    Kuala Lumpur February 29

    Links to the different tournament websites can be found at
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    Re: 2016 Around The World: Tournament and Points

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