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    Predictions: ATP WTF Finals (London)

    Final ATP tournament of the year!

    Everyone should predict.

    LONDON WTF: Predictions are due before the start of play at NOON, Sunday 15th London time

    The 8 qualifiers vying for medals are:
    1. Miles
    2. Peterskan
    3. Tenedab
    3. Drop-shot
    5. Omegadoom
    6. Dryrunguy
    7. Atlpam
    8. Shtexas

    Alt 1: Ptmcmahon
    Alt 2: Waylandboy

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    Re: Predictions: ATP WTF Finals (London)

    Oh wow, had no idea I was high enough to be an alternate. Let me go use my powers to destroy the internet. I'll actually have to spend a few minutes thinking about it now.

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    Re: Predictions: ATP WTF Finals (London)

    Picks are now up as well. Sorry for the delay (it was a bad weekend for me):
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    Re: Predictions: ATP WTF Finals (London)

    Everyone but Omess picked Djokovic to win...and Omess has Djokovic losing in the final. Other losing finalists - Federer (13), Murray (2), Nadal (1), and Wawrinka (me!) I also was the only one not to put Federer in the semis, with Berdych in instead...looks smart after day 1

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    Re: Predictions: ATP WTF Finals (London)

    So with just four RR matches left in the Race to London, the eight contending for medals all picked the same outcome for Federer/Nishikori and Djokovic/Berdych. All except tenedab picked Nadal over Ferrer. So really it all comes down to Murray/Wawrinka--the last RR match to be played. We're split 4-4 on that one.

    And thus far, seven of us are locked in a tie with 10 points while shtexas is out front with 12 points. And if shtexas is right about Murray making the semis, he also has Murray losing in the final (to Djokovic) while the rest of us have Djokovic beating Federer in the final.

    In summary:

    Four people have Nadal and Murray making the semis (Miles, Drop, Omega, and shtexas)--still possible.
    Two people have Nadal and Wawrinka making the semis (Dry and atlpam)--still possible.
    Two people had Murray and Wawrinka making the semis (Peter and tenedab)--but that can't happen.
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    Re: Predictions: ATP WTF Finals (London)

    So looking good for Dry and atlpam I assume? And one of the other 2 that took Wawrinka over Murray?

    My Djokovic-Wawrinka final is still possible despite it not looking likely a few days ago. Would be nice to be able to brag about one more thing...but then again since I only missed London by 3 points it might sting less if I don't get that right Missing by 3 points is so painful knowing 1 or 2 more matches right and it coulda been me...every pick all year can wind up counting big!
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    Re: Predictions: ATP WTF Finals (London)

    Like in World Team Tennis, every point counts - LOL. I only wish I'd been alert enough to post my picks before that first match was underway a week ago!


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