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Thread: Mens Day 12 - Semifinal SP Pick

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    Re: Mens Day 12 - Semifinal SP Pick

    Quote Originally Posted by winston
    This IS called the suicide pool, right?

    I go back and forth between Bagdhatis and Nadal, like everyone else. But I love an underdog and I'll root for either one of them on Sunday.

    So for the semis, I pick Federer.

    That gives me a pretty fair shot of at least still being in the pool on Sunday. And who knows, stranger things have happened.
    That's a great strategy to win the pool outright - I was wondering if anyone who hadn't picked Baghdatis or Nadal would do it - you'll make the final, and if your upset pick wins in the final, you could be the sole winner! Better than hoping for a tiebreaker, especially since Nadal owns Federer.

    Too bad someone had taken Bag and Rafa though
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    Re: Mens Day 12 - Semifinal SP Pick

    Well, I have Nadal, Baghdatis and Federer yet to play, I have already used Bjorkman and I am still going with Baghdatis. I think sheer adrenaline alone will allow him to make it thru the match fitness wise. Taking out both Grosjean and Hewitt on grass leads me to believe that Marcos can and will win this.

    I almost think I have a chance of losing this in the final by not taking Federer now and the Bagman later.

    I may change this after a few hours of sleep. I think it will be very close and one of the matches of the year. Congrats to all my fellow players.
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    Re: Mens Day 12 - Semifinal SP Pick


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    Re: Mens Day 12 - Semifinal SP Pick

    Baghdatis...but I may change before match time.

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