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    Our Contest Staff is Awesome

    Contests have been a big part of our community since the beginning. We have official tennis contests including our Suicide Pools, Fantasy Tennis, Prediction Challenge and You Can't Win Jack. And we have about a dozen volunteers that give freely of their time to run these contests.

    I don't do anything with our contests. I wouldn't know where to begin helping to run any one of them. But I sit here behind the scenes and watch it happen. Just for the current US Open contests I watch them coordinate the posting of the daily picks threads, closing those daily threads, checking and double checking results, posting scores for You Can't Win Jack (YCWJ). If the person who's job it is to post a daily thread gets tied up at work, or has a personal appointment they need to make, someone else steps up and takes care of it. I see questions like this one: "I won't be able to close the threads today. Can someone else do it for me?" And the answers come back like a chorus, "I can do it."

    From where I'm sitting it looks like chaos. It kind of reminds me of a hospital emergency room - someone doing this over here, someone else doing that over there, someone else mopping up the blood.

    And it all comes together. It all works. And it works because of the dedication and commitment of our volunteers.

    You all are really pretty awesome. Thank you!
    Oh Grigor. You silly man.

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    Re: Our Contest Staff is Awesome

    And they are kinda crazy too, you know? Awesome indeed!
    Missing winter...

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    Re: Our Contest Staff is Awesome

    I was nervous the first time I did an SP at the French Open, but the behind the scenes people do so much to help keep things running high and panic levels low.
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    Re: Our Contest Staff is Awesome

    really appreciate the work you guys do - thank you.

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    Re: Our Contest Staff is Awesome

    You guys are absolutely awesome. Appreciate your hard work and dedication.
    I like a lot the crazy bounce

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    Re: Our Contest Staff is Awesome

    We enjoy visiting for slams and taking mental vacation time in such good company, made possible by YOU! I2 and motobass say:

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    Re: Our Contest Staff is Awesome

    Great Job People.

    Now, only if I could win of these things...

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    Re: Our Contest Staff is Awesome

    our contest PARTICIPANTS are pretty awesome, too. They always catch my mistakes!

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    Re: Our Contest Staff is Awesome

    I really agree that the contest staff members are simply awesome. And they do it for the joy it brings them and us (no pay!!). Having played tennis for decades, I have always followed the sport, but TAT and the contests have made following it ever so much more fun. Well.....on to the end of year tournaments and then Australia......

    Thanks again folks!!!

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    Re: Our Contest Staff is Awesome

    As the SP's are over, I want to make a special "Thank you" to both Drop and JTC. Their daily "Tuesday Morning Quarterback" and "Zombiecalipse" series are some of the funniest and wittiest posts in TAT. I would love for them for COPY-PASTE and post the entire series as blogs, for future references. Superb tennis journalism!
    It made the pool so much more enjoyable.
    Missing winter...

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    Re: Our Contest Staff is Awesome

    A big thank you to all of you who make the SP possible!

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    Re: Our Contest Staff is Awesome

    I will freely admit that I am a bit of a fantasy junkie.

    I have done in my day - fantasy football, baseball, basketball, golf, ncaa basketball, nascar, formula 1, bowling (seriously for a full year), even local auto racing. And of course, now thanks to this website tennis.

    I typically do a few every year. I for sure do NASCAR/NCAA tournament/suicide pool and picking winners for football. Beyond that I vacillate as otherwise it is too much to manage.

    Since I joined this site I have enjoyed many of the various picking games. I have done the predictions, despite how bad I am at them, but this is the first year I have even made it this far without missing a week or three. I made it my mission to get every one in this year...even if I have to put them in super early.

    As such, I was a bit disconsolate when I found out I was going to China for 3 weeks (mind you this site is blocked there). I e-mailed the admins, and got a response that I should send my picks to Patrick and he would manually enter them for me. Dutifully, my picks were entered during the time I was away. I couldn't see how I was doing, but it didn't matter. It was a piece of home that kept me occupied whilst I was abroad.

    The volunteers that run this site do a herculean job, often unheralded. Sure we thank them when there are pools and such - but I wanted to make an inbetween cheers to them.

    Thanks again,
    -Mike O.


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