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    Re: Television Random Random (Spoilers)

    Shawn Spicer doing a cameo at the Emmy's.

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    Re: Television Random Random (Spoilers)

    HBO‏Verified account @HBO 21m21 minutes ago
    All the news that's fit to watch and share and hashtag and discuss. Congratulations, @LastWeekTonight. #Emmys #DCPublicSchools
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    Re: Television Random Random (Spoilers)

    Jon Erlichman‏Verified account @JonErlichman 5h5 hours ago
    Netflix's Emmy nominations:

    2017: 91
    2016: 54
    2015: 34
    2014: 31
    2013: 14
    2012: 0
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    Re: Television Random Random (Spoilers)

    Best part of the Emmys for me was Sterling K. Brown's win and speech, and that's coming from someone who doesn't watch This is Us and who loves Veep, Atlanta and Master of None. I'm particularly thrilled with the wins for Donald Glover, Atlanta and Aziz Ansari, but still, Sterling's speech was every level of heartfelt and awesomeness I needed in that moment and was the best part of the night for me.

    If you missed it, he thanked his cast for being the "best white TV family that a brotha ever has ever had, better than Mr. Drummond and better than those white folks that raised Webster."

    Then he said thanks to his on-screen wife and hoped they had more years of "repping black love like Martin & Gina."

    He also paid tribute to several who came before and won the award especially Andre Braugher, the last black man to win the award.

    It was just every level of perfect that I can't even put it into words. And hallelujah that he shouted ou healthy black love on TV, the lack of which is commonly overlooked even though it has been prominently pointed out at great expense at times over the years, but no one seems to care or do better, and that includes Shonda Rhimes. She does a lot, but she sure as heck doesn't get that anywhere near right, not once on even one show that I can remember, and I've basically watched or tried them all at one point.

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