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    Wimbledon SP Middle Sunday Press Conference

    Below is the transcript in case you missed it earlier. Enjoy!

    Wimbledon SP Middle Sunday Press Conference

    Moderator: With all of the attention and buzz over a potential 2015 TAT calendar Suicide Pool slam, Waylandboy has made himself available today on the middle Sunday to address this matter. Heíll make a brief statement and then answer questions.

    Waylandboy: First off, Iíd like to apologize for not being available recently for the media, especially to Mariya who was looking for an exclusive on the subject for her next entry on the site. I do however look forward to Ponchiís blog on the topic and hopefully that will be up soon! As most of you know, I suffered some dizziness during the French Open that didnít leave me available there either to discuss the subject earlier. Therefore I decided to call this press conference today before getting ready for the second week of grueling daily choosing of the players left in the draw.

    Moderator: Please fire away with your questions!

    Liam_valid: How would you compare your results and remaining picks so far at Wimbledon compared to the first two Slams of the season?

    WB: Well, so far so good, but still a long ways to go. Iím obviously happy to be alive in both pools, but as we all know, that can change very quickly. Iíve been fortunate to avoid the bandwagon crashes and other results that have been a bit unlucky to some of the other contestants. Hopefully I can get through another week!

    Chillo: Serious noob question, do you approach the Wimbledon SP differently than the others?

    WB: Yes, I think you have to, since the draws come together at the round of 16, which is different than the rest. Statistically speaking, this is the ďeasiestĒ one as there have been more people who have won the SP at Wimby, but crazy results happen every year on the grass, so it is never quite that simple.

    James7: How do you avoid the dreaded No-pick?

    WB: Itís tough, you know? Every day, research, log-in, post a pick. Itís exhausting really. My parents instilled in me a desire to strive for excellence, so that is what I try to stay focused on. It was nice having the extra week this year to sort of decompress after Roland Garros. My lead up preparation on the grass contests hasnít been what I wanted this time around, as Green Acres has been a virtual disaster for me the past couple weeks, but I did feel a bit fresher coming into the Wimbledon SP than in years past.

    yoort: Do you only focus on the next dayís pick, or are you looking ahead in the draw too?

    WB: Heck yeah I look ahead! Focusing on the next day is important, but I think anyone who wins these is studying the roadmap too. The first week for me is about keeping future options open, while the second week is about laying out a strategy to the finish line. And of course, it is always better to be lucky than good!

    Charlie02123, NOT charlie53: Who do you look up to on this site as youíve played the game?

    WB: There are so many, but I think you have to start with Moose since he practically invented Suicide Pool. Then there are stalwarts like Dryrunguy, Drop-shot, and Shtexas who are just models of consistency for helping to run and organize these for all of us. The entire staff does a great job on this site, and there are numerous individuals who generously give their time, as well as share their personality, to help make it enjoyable for so many others through the years.

    Ptmcmahon: What past SP performances stand out?

    WB: I think it starts with the csgnyc-slam where he won four straight from Roland Garros 2011-Australian Open 2012. I believe only three people, the great MysterX, maxim, and csgnyc have won all four SP medals. Drop-shot still has a half-cheek chance of getting it this year at Wimbledon in the Menís pool. Udaneri had a shot of completing it at Wimby too until Petkovic enticed him to the Lounge.

    Jon Díoh: Do you think Iíll ever win a SP medal?

    WB: I mean, sure, anything is possible, no? Iíd love to see you actually log into our site one of these days, post your own picks, and get a better sense for the community. So much of the SP experience is sharing and contributing to the fun atmosphere on TAT that happens during the Slams, win or lose.

    Jbrennan929: Any thoughts on the Day 1 Janowicz pickers? I canít seem to let it go.

    WB: Look, I mean, heís a talented player and has had success at Wimbledon. He took me out in the 2012 US Open SP 1st round losing to a guy ranked outside the top 1000, so he scarred me for life from that experience.

    Omegadoom: I just wanted to say ďThank YouĒ for helping me FINALLY win my first SP medal at Roland Garros. Even though Iíve won like every other type of medal on this site, and completely dominate in Predictions year after year, it was great to get my first SP medal. Glad I stayed the course!

    WB: Youíre welcome buddy. (laughter)

    Correspondent Kiu: What would you think if TAT changed the rules to allow 2 strikes instead of 1 in these SP games?

    WB: I believe Kirkus already answered this, but listen, this is Suicide Pool. The rules are clear, when youíre red, youíre dead. No reincarnations!

    Moderator: One last question please. Yes. You in the pink shirt.

    William Thacker, Horse and Hound: What is your relationship like with Milesha these days?

    WB: Look, itís not like we hang out together, or that I could even pick his face out of a lineup. Heís a strong competitor on this site and it is always fun to compete against him and everyone else who plays these contests. It was nice to see him break through at RG and get his first YCWJ medal, and he nearly almost congratulated me on another TSIP win, so Iím taking that as a positive step in the right direction.

    William: Thatís very good news. Um, the readers of Horse and Hound will be absolutely delighted.

    Moderator: Thatís all the time we have for today. Thanks for coming and enjoy the tennis!

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    Re: Wimbledon SP Middle Sunday Press Conference

    Meet again we do, old foe...

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    Re: Wimbledon SP Middle Sunday Press Conference

    Love it
    My Happy Place

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    Re: Wimbledon SP Middle Sunday Press Conference

    Tiz the Dude! Now a winner after his second race!

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    Re: Wimbledon SP Middle Sunday Press Conference

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    Re: Wimbledon SP Middle Sunday Press Conference

    Just made my morning!
    Face it. It's the apocalypse.

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    Re: Wimbledon SP Middle Sunday Press Conference

    Excellent. Also, it's nice to be remembered.

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    Re: Wimbledon SP Middle Sunday Press Conference

    I'm taking that advice on the no pick

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    Re: Wimbledon SP Middle Sunday Press Conference

    Whew! At least it wasn't a retirement announcement that would occur during the US Open a la Andre Agassi.


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