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    Congratulations, IronMike!

    IronMike has won the 2015 edition of You Can't Win Jack, finishing with an extremely high score for not having picked a wooden spoon winner of 62. He started strong and kept his lead all the way through the contest, a very impressive accomplishment!

    In second was James7 with 60. He was neck and neck with IronMike all the way through, but could never quite catch up.

    GlennHarman was the closest other than IronMike to winning the contest. It took yet more futility from Maria Sharapova against Serena Williams to stop him.

    Annika Beck was the women's ultimate loser. She lost to Silvia Soler-Espinosa, who lost to Sara Errani, who lost to Yanina Wickmayer, who lost to Simona Halep, who lost to Ekaterina Makarova, who lost to Maria Sharapova, who lost to Serena Williams. Congratulations to DdVogt and Irena2 for correctly picking her.

    Blaz Kavcic was the men's wooden spoon winner. He lost to James Duckworth, who lost to Richard Gasquet, who lost to Kevin Anderson, who lost to Rafael Nadal, who lost to Tomas Berdych, who lost to Andy Murray, who lost to Novak Djokovic. Congratulations to Ribbons for correctly pegging him as a loser.

    Thank you to Dave g for helping me out, and to all of you for playing in this contest. I'm sorry for my tardiness at times during the contest, but I'll try to do better the next time. See you all in May for the French Open edition of YCWJ!
    Go Pack Go!

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    Re: Congratulations, IronMike!

    No apologies needed! Thanks for running this always fun contest

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    Re: Congratulations, IronMike!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ribbons View Post
    to IronMike.

    Deep bow of thanks to Tog and Dave.
    Hear, hear! Well done!

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    Re: Congratulations, IronMike!

    Congrats to IronMike! Well played!

    Thanks to Tog & DaveG for running this contest. Great job!

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    Re: Congratulations, IronMike!

    Way to go IronMike. And many thanks to Tog and DaveG. As I have said elsewhere, the contests we do on this forum really make the Slams much more alive and interesting for me. I had a blast with all of the contests for this tournament. All the best to all of you! Glenn

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    Re: Congratulations, IronMike!

    IronMike, your medal has been awarded. Congratulations!
    Winston, a.k.a. Alvena Rae Risley Hiatt (1944-2019), RIP

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    Re: Congratulations, IronMike!


    Oh Grigor. You silly man.


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