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[quote author=cphsrsh link=1156701010/0#13 date=1157830849]For your information, the TATCHAT! sessions will remain the same for the Women's Final @

From 5:00 PM (W) / 8:00 PM (E) to "The conclusion of the Women's Final"

However, for tomorrow Men's Final, the following is our session schedule @

From 12:30 PM (W) / 3:30 PM (E) to "The conclusion of the Men's Final"

Hope you'll join us, everyone!
So far so good... Apart from tennis there's been talk about Bjorkmans boyish good looks, fleapicking, catfood and our place in the universe ;D [/quote]

I guess I will have to join, because while I love JOnas Bjorkman, I've thought he has looked 45 for the last 10 years.