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    Mens rankings vs womens rankings

    In my experience with the Suicide Pools, I've been a lot more successful picking the women's draw than the men's draw. I was curious to see if this was a common thing, so I did a little analysis based on Dry's top 50 rankings.

    In the men's top 50, the total points are 4845, for an average point score of about 97

    In the women's top 50, the total points are 8044, for an average point score of about 161

    I wasn't that surprised to find that the average score in the women's pools was higher, but I was surprised at how big the difference was. My conclusions:

    1) There are relatively fewer upsets in the women's game
    2) Beating the draw on the men's side is pretty damn impressive. I suppose once you get to the Fed/Nadal final it's not too tough, but getting to that point sure isn't easy.

    Feel free to double check my math and correct me if I miscalculated anything.

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    Re: Mens rankings vs womens rankings

    While I thought this was probably the case, judging by more people staying in the women's SP on the later days of tournaments than on the men's side, I'm absolutely the other way. I've gone further in every time in men's, losing very early in women's every time.

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    Re: Mens rankings vs womens rankings

    I pefer to keep things simple and just lose early with consistency.

    Seriously though, I noticed the same thing, mysteryX, when I was computing the scores. And it's a surprising observation when you remember that, in some of the women's pools, we've had some particularly bloody days--Severine Bremond singlehandedly brought down the average at Wimbledon. That's just one example.

    I find the men far more difficult to pick, and I do substantially more research in that pool. Not that it does me much good, but for some reason, I actually managed to squeak in a ranking on that one. But in the end, the real difference is probably depth. Youzhny wreaked havoc on the men's pool at Flushing Meadows. He's one of those guys that few will dare pick him to win, and now with this result, few will dare to pick against him.

    The second and fourth quarters of the men's draw were horrific at the U.S. Open. I tried everything I could to stay out of them completely when I could because I had no clue what was going to happen. I got away with picking Djokovic early, but as soon as I dipped my foot in Nadal's quarter by picking Ferrer, I was plant food. But I would have blown it anyway on the next day by picking Gaudio over Gicquel. I shouldn't have gone there, but I did only because I was determined to stay out of the second quarter and knew that, if Gaudio could find a way to win, he was dead in the water in his next match (Federer). Had I gotten through those two days, I was sitting pretty (provided Ferrer had gone on to lose his next match).

    It's a mind-wrecking experience.

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    Re: Mens rankings vs womens rankings

    In addition to the relative depth of the men's tour, the 2 of 3 vs. 3 of 5 plays a part. The increased number of sets increases the probability of injury, comeback, etc with unpredictable results. When you're down a set and a break in the WTA, you're usually toast (JHH notably excepted). With the men, you've still got a chance.

    I got lucky this time in my first time out (ranked 44), so we'll see if this was a flash in the pan or not...

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    Re: Mens rankings vs womens rankings

    Quote Originally Posted by dryrunguy
    I pefer to keep things simple and just lose early with consistency.
    That's one of the funniest lines I've seen on TAT ;D

    I always seem to do much better on the womens side of things, ramked 18, whilst I'm nowhere to be seen among the top 50 for the mens SP (nor the top 100 I suspect).

    In my case, I do follow the WTA more closely than the ATP, so I'd hope to do okay when trying to tiptoe through the ladies draws.


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