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Thread: NHL 2014-2015

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    Re: NHL 2014-2015

    Well, Canada just won the World Championship, so at least you'll have that trophy to collect your Stanley-Cup-non-winning tears.

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    Re: NHL 2014-2015

    Meh That's one of the few competitions that's bigger in other parts of the world than it is in Canada...but I guess we'll take it since it's been awhile.

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    Re: NHL 2014-2015

    It's a weird tournament since its results depend so heavily on which teams have been eliminated from NHL playoffs. For example, if Pittsburgh was still playing, the WC's play out very differently, without Malkin and Crosby.
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    Re: NHL 2014-2015

    It's almost like a consolation tournament for those out of the NHL playoffs.

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    Re: NHL 2014-2015


    I saw him play in downtown Nashville around eleven years ago...

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    Re: NHL 2014-2015

    For the second straight year ... I completely nailed the entire playoff bracket EXCEPT I didn't pick Minnesota in round 1. Both years I was on the site...where only the top 8 in Canada and US get a prize (I was around 80th due to missing that one series this year, and in the 40s last year.)

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