Here's the applicable rule in this case:

"If predictions are made before 1 or more round of 32 matches are played, I will substitute the winner of a round of 32 match for the loser wherever he/she is predicted. In the alternative, players can specify different semifinalists, finalists or winners depending on which player(s) win the round of 32 match(es) that haven’t been played when the predictions are due.

If a couple of round of 16 matches are scheduled before the round of 32 is completed, I may announce in the prediction thread that we need only predict the winners of those round of 16 matches before that day of play and predict the rest of the tournament before the following day of play."

So, the ONLY part of your predictions that will be counted thus far are for the matches scheduled for today (Wednesday). I have noted everyone's predictions.

To make it easy, feel free to edit your predictions if you want to based on the outcome of today's first round matches. You also are free to change any predictions that haven't played second round matches yet (Mumbai, Bangkok, and everyone besides Montanes/Starace in Palermo).

If you have any questions, just ask.

It's all very confusing, thanks to the scheduling. Just make sure you've predicted 6 tournaments.