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Thread: The NBA Thread

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    Re: The NBA Thread

    Anthony Davis also had concerns about how well run the organization is. Not that the Knicks and Lakers have shown strong signs in this area recently, but I think the difference is LeBron (and his team) is at the Lakers and most people not named James Dolan at the Knicks are thought of pretty well and capable of doing their jobs. Guess we'll see. I kind of think he's still gone.

    As for Zion. I'm very much we'll see with him. LeBron and Shaq are great. But who says he's not the next Greg Oden? Hope not for his sake.

    In somewhat related news, my mom continues to think the draft is rigged and doesn't want to hear "but the small market won" defense when that market is so publicly set to lose their superstar.

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    Re: The NBA Thread

    There have been so many #1 picks that ended nowhere. Oden, as you mention. Ralph Sampson.
    But you have no option because so many #2's have also gone nowhere.
    AD will have so many options that this only means N.O. becomes another one. I hope he choses well.
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    Re: The NBA Thread

    Ok. All the experts say that The Warriors are not better without Durant.
    But when your record without him is 27-1 (I think) it really starts to be difficult not to think that it is true. I am sure that many of those wins were on days when they rested him against lesser teams, but they are 3-0 without him in the playoffs.
    Ball don't lie. And numbers neither.
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    Re: The NBA Thread

    Rival Teams Wary Of Signing Kyrie Irving?

    May 18th 2019 at 12:59pm CST by Chris Crouse

    Multiple teams that were said to have interest in pursuing Kyrie Irving this summer are having second thoughts, Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald writes. Irving will undoubtedly land a max contract, though his list of suitors may not be as long as anticipated just months ago.

    The pause on Irving is a byproduct of how he ended his campaign with the Celtics. Two clubs are telling people around the league that they will only go after the point guard if another marquee free agent says he wants to play with Irving. Bulpett writes that the main target for each of these franchises is a different player and one of the teams had concerns that ownership would overrule the front office and dictate an Irving pursuit, though those concerns have been alleviated.

    The talk behind the scenes is all over the place. Bulpett heard months ago that a source within the Knicks‘ front office was convinced that Irving and Kevin Durant were coming to New York. However, the scribe hears from an NBA agent that Irving wants the Nets and Durant favors the Knicks, thus causing a dilemma in the duo teaming up. Someone within the Warriors‘ organization tells Bulpett that Irving and Durant definitely spoke about the possibility of joining forces and Bulpett hears from another source that the Brooklyn talk is just a smokescreen.

    The Celtics continue to hold out hope that Irving will re-sign with the team. It was reported earlier in the week that the front office believed that trading for Anthony Davis would make Irving warm up to the idea of returning. Irving has a Nike commercial in which he has his number retired in Boston and the organization hopes that becomes reality.

    Two summers ago when Irving demanded a trade from the Cavs, some front offices were told by his camp that he would not re-sign with them. Some executives got the feeling that Irving got exactly what he wanted with the trade to Boston.

    “We were told that the team he wanted to go to was getting ready to trade for him,” one general manager tells Bulpett. “And that team was Boston. So the Celtics were where he wanted to go. He got what he wanted. Now here we are two years later. Crazy.”
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    Re: The NBA Thread

    Seems like quite a stretch to me. Market for Kyrie has gotten better in recent days not worse as Terry's been showing his ass and making it crystal clear the team chemistry issues are not solely Kyrie's fault as the storyline has been all season. I think this is Danny Ainge working up rumors to try to affect the market for Kyrie to try to keep him.

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    Re: The NBA Thread

    Neal Brennan
    Verified account

    Kawhi Leonard seems like the kind of guy whose family doesn't even know he's in the NBA.
    He just says, "I'm going to work." and comes back 8 hours later and they go back to sitting at the kitchen table not speaking.

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    Re: The NBA Thread

    The Fake ESPN

    Inspired by Drogon burning all of Kings Landing, Magic Johnson has decided to burn the entire Lakers organization today.
    Magic Johnson Talks Pelinka, Lakers, Walton, Lue

    May 20th 2019 at 11:14am CST by Luke Adams

    Former Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson didn’t hold back during an appearance on ESPN’s First Take this morning, accusing general manager Rob Pelinka of “betrayal,” as Ohm Youngmisuk of writes. Johnson made it clear that Pelinka was the person he was referring to when he spoke during his resignation announcement about “backstabbing” within the organization.

    “I start hearing, ‘Magic, you are not working hard enough. Magic’s not in the office,'” Johnson said. “People around the Lakers office were telling me Rob was saying things, Rob Pelinka, and I didn’t like those things being said behind my back, that I wasn’t in the office enough. So I started getting calls from my friends outside of basketball saying those things now were said to them outside of basketball now, just not in the Lakers office anymore.”

    According to Johnson, he was prepared to help groom Pelinka as his eventual replacement atop the Lakers’ front office, but felt as if the GM was angling for his job sooner, and ultimately decided he couldn’t work alongside someone he thought was trying to undercut him. Asked whether there were others in the front office he felt betrayed by, Johnson only identified Pelinka.

    “Just Rob,” Johnson said. “Other people didn’t bother me… what happened was I wasn’t having fun coming to work anymore, especially when I got to work beside you, knowing that you want my position.”

    Here’s more from Johnson’s eventful TV appearance:

    In Magic’s view, there were too many cooks in the kitchen in the Lakers’ basketball operations department, writes Youngmisuk. Johnson specifically singled out president of business operations Tim Harris as an executive whose role and influence in basketball operations became outsized.

    Harris became involved in the head coaching decision after Johnson and owner Jeanie Buss debated the merits of firing head coach Luke Walton, according to Magic. Johnson wanted to replace Walton, but Buss apparently wavered on giving him the go-ahead to do so, as Youngmisuk details. “We went back and forth like that and then she brought Tim Harris into the meeting. Some of the guys and Tim wanted to keep [Walton] because he was friends with him. I said when I looked up, I only really answer to Jeanie Buss,” Johnson said. “Now I got Tim involved. It’s time for me to go. I got things happening that were being said behind my back. I don’t have the power I thought I had to make decisions. And I told them, when it is not fun for me, when I think I don’t have the decision-making power I thought I had, I got to step aside.”

    Johnson indicated that Tyronn Lue would have been his choice to replace Walton as the team’s new head coach (Twitter link via Clevis Murray of The Athletic).

    Discussing the Lakers’ 2018 free agent decisions, Johnson said that the Lakers didn’t want to offer Julius Randle a contract longer than one year, adding that Randle may not have been a fit anyway if he had remained on the roster (Twitter link via Murray).

    There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.

    ― Frank Zappa

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    Re: The NBA Thread

    The biggest problem for the Lakers is that everything Magic has said about Pelinka has been said behind the scenes by others plenty of times. He is known as a backstabber, which is why some of Magic's friends and associates warned him to keep an eye on Rob and his dealings.

    And the Lakers could've prevented this by just defending Magic even a little bit after he stepped down. The agreement he had with Jeanie to run things for instance, when he's saying upfront "do you want me to take this position if I'm not going to be here all the time?" and her saying yes and being fine with that. If she had come out and said, we had already agreed he wouldn't be here all the time, I don't think Magic would've done this because he wouldn't have been painted nearly as much as a lazy GM who was never around and not up to the task of the job. But they offered no defense to try to help resurrect his reputation after he stepped down. He was eventually going to have to defend himself if they weren't going to do it even a little bit.

    Unless Kobe wants to come out of the shadows and try to help Rob out, Pelinka's gonna have to hard time for awhile, enough that I have to wonder if the clock has started for his exit. With the Lakers not replacing Magic's position, that means agents, the ones who specifically warned Magic that Rob's word isn't that great, have to negotiate deals with Rob. That's a hard sell.

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    Re: The NBA Thread

    This statement is weird:
    “Just Rob,” Johnson said. “Other people didn’t bother me… what happened was I wasn’t having fun coming to work anymore, especially when I got to work beside you, knowing that you want my position.”

    So. Which President of any large company or corporation is NOT working knowing that every Vice President wants his position? Heck, I would bet Euros Vs Rupees that Pence really really wants those Big Macs to finally kick in.
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    Re: The NBA Thread

    Might be lost in translation with the article. The position was basically going to Rob next and it wasn't a secret to Magic or anyone else. So the comment is really about Rob trying to actively undermine him now and the organization in doing so, even though he was aware that in 3 years time, he was getting the job.

    Also, seriously, shouldn't be surprising. But there's a Lakers reporter who posted on Twitter with Pelinka's response and someone in the comments is like, I'd love to know what Matt Barnes thinks of all this. And don't you know Matt Barnes chimed in with there's 3 sides to every story, but everything Magic is saying is what I've heard about Rob too.

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    Re: The NBA Thread

    Two thoughts. I'll separate into two posts.

    Kawhi - I've been thinking, as I think many have, that if Toronto goes far, he might stay with the team. But now I've been thinking these last two games, I wonder if he's starting to think playing with a LeBron or possibly the Clippers with their solid players, wouldn't be such a bad deal even if they do go far. They always say that these guys don't want to be #2, but on Toronto, it's like Kawhi is #1 and the next offensive option is maybe #5 and that's got to be exhausting at a certain point. He can't sit out a full quarter and get some damn rest when they are up 15-20 points for fear of losing the lead, a fear that is very real cause we've seen the lead shrink when he's out. So maybe he really will stay, but man oh man do they need to work on filling out that roster with some solid, reliable shooters if they do. Because outside of definitely being able to depend on Gasol and Ibaka to do what they do, it is real hard to trust the other offensive players on the team. Lowry has been better, but can you trust him? They don't even have a reliable go to 3-point shooter that every team should have at this point.

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    Re: The NBA Thread

    Second, and way more fun - I was listening to this podcast of an ESPN personality that I like (Right Time with Bomani Jones). And he was going over the 25th anniversary of the '94 Playoffs. And I really do think we're either too much prisoner of the moment or people who are on some of these sports shows are too young to remember some of this. That year was NBA drama at its finest and some like to pretend that it started more recently, or that players got more special recently. But the recap of just the one series between the Bulls and the Knicks was fun flashback to the drama that occurred in that series. I remember it well, and it was AWESOME.

    When a fight broke out during the game on the floor and turned into an all out brawl and spilled into the front row right on top of David Stern's lap.

    In that same game, when the final play was going to be the Bulls, Scottie demanded that the ball go to him, and when that wasn't what Phil Jackson was calling, Scottie pulled himself out of the game, sat on the bench, and said do it without him like a diva superstar. And so they did, and Toni Kukoc made the shot to win the game.

    And when Scottie made the dirty disrespectful dunk on Patrick Ewing, pushed him down on the ground and then walked up over him swinging his junk in his face, and then went over to Spike Lee and told him to sit his ass down (there's various versions of what he said specifically, but expletives plus a shot at his height in not so great terms seems to be generally agreed upon).

    This was all in just a single series in the 94 Playoffs. NBA drama didn't start recently, even petty NBA drama isn't new. And players didn't start getting all sensitive recently either. It's been going on a long time. Personally, while I continue to enjoy the NBA, I definitely miss these days.

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    Re: The NBA Thread

    About Kawhi: I agree with you. I don't know if he wants to go to the Lakers, though, because of what that team is going through and because I don't know if he wants to be #2 to LeBron. But if they win the Finals it is going to be hard for him to walk away from Toronto (and you know if they win the Finals, it will be because of him).
    About you post on DRAMA in the NBA: remember also the early 1980's finals between the Celtics and Lakers? That was basketbrawl at its finest. Or the 83 East Finals between the Bucks and the 76'ers. Moses Malone played very little basketball in that series. He was just mauling people.
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    Re: The NBA Thread

    Anthony Slater
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    Klay Thompson learns he didn’t make All-NBA (“Oh I didn’t?”) and is clearly a little ticked (it affects his next contract): “When you go to five straight Finals, it takes more than a couple All-NBA guys...Do I think there are that many guards better than me? No.”
    There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.

    ― Frank Zappa

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    Re: The NBA Thread

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    The 2018-19 All-NBA First Team!

    Nikola Jokic

    There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.

    ― Frank Zappa

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