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Thread: The NBA Thread

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    fans as far as the eye can see ����

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    Re: The NBA Thread

    In an example of twisted logic: no better reason for Kawhi to leave. He will never top this.
    Doesn't matter what he does for the rest of his life, he will always be a Raptor. So much so that I don't think he will ever be able to claim being a Spurs (or whatever next team he will land in).
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    Re: The NBA Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by skatingfan View Post
    So they're having some problems with the parade. The expected crowd was 2 million but it's so much larger than expected the vehicles are having trouble getting through. Subway stations close to Nathan Philips Square (Toronto City Hall) have been closed to help divert some of the crowd.
    Ugh! When will they learn? This is fairly common when it happens like this and I'm not sure why they don't plan better. How many examples do they need to plan better? When the Phillies won it was whatever smallish predicted size. But the city hadn't won a damn thing since 1983, so it didn't matter that it wasn't the more popular Eagles (or in Toronto's case, one would assume the Maple Leafs) that won the title, people came out in droves. I think the actual parade drew about 1.5 million over the expected. It was a hot mess for any sort of transportation, expressing in fro the suburbs, people stranded. Every imaginable traffic nightmare played out. And similar but probably even more so than this Raptors team, the city had fallen in love with the team over the preceding years raising their profile and their fandom. I really don't get why cities aren't more tapped in to the level of excitement to plan accordingly.

    Parade looks awesome. Hope the memory of it is the joy and the celebration of winning the title and not the idiot attempting to ruin everyone's good time.

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