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Thread: The NBA Thread

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    Re: The NBA Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by ptmcmahon View Post
    Louisville-Michigan was a fun one, but was probably the best final since ... Duke-Butler
    That one was dramatic, but both teams played pretty bad in that game. This one was close and high quality.
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    Re: The NBA Thread

    NBA regular season ends next Wednesday, play-off starts next Saturday.

    I will list the contenders in order.

    1 Atlanta
    2 Cleveland
    3 Chicago
    4 Toronto
    5 Washington
    6 Milwaukee
    7 Boston
    8 Brooklyn

    1 Golden State
    2 Memphis
    3 Houston
    4 Portland
    5 LA Clippers
    6 San Antonio
    7 Dallas
    8 New Orleans

    Note: top 5 teams is east and top 7 teams in west already qualified for play-offs.

    Keep tuned here for updates.

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    Re: The NBA Thread

    Preview of the NBA playoffs:
    The Spurs are making their move.
    Golden State is basically invincible at home (and they have home court advantage).
    the Hawks play like the Spurs, and will be very rested.
    Cleveland, with LeBron and Irving, are for real.

    End result: whoever will come out of the west will be so beat up from the hard competition that they will lose to Cleveland, who will have to easy rounds and a good 6 game series with Atlanta.
    The Lebron will bolt for the highest bidder.
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    Re: The NBA Thread

    Two days left in the regular season, 3 games tonight and 14 games tomorrow.
    There are still 3 teams in playoff hunt, Oklahoma City is most notable.

    I will list the draw when available, keep tuned. Play-offs start Saturday April 18th.

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    Re: The NBA Thread

    The San Antonio Spurs at their best:
    ‘Spuran Spuran’ video
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    Re: The NBA Thread

    There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.

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    Re: The NBA Thread

    Less than a day to go. 4 games set for tomorrow, 4 set for Sunday.

    Here is the Draw:



    (1) Atlanta/(8) Brooklyn

    (4) Toronto/(5) Washington

    (3) Chicago/(6) Milwaukee

    (2) Cleveland/(7) Boston



    (1) Golden State/(8) New Orleans

    (4) Portland/(5) Memphis

    (3) LA Clippers/(6) San Antonio

    (2) Houston/(7) Dallas


    The defending Champions coming back as #6 seed in West!

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    Re: The NBA Thread

    East : Atlanta - Washington - Chicago - Cleveland
    West : Golden State - Memphis - San Antonio - Houston
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    Re: The NBA Thread

    Patrick has it but I don't think SAS will take out LAC. That last game against NO will really hurt us. We are not that tough on the road, while the Clippers are pretty good at home.
    Hope GS will be able to beat Lebron and his army of minions. And then I hope Kevin Love will have some spine and bolt from Cleveland and see that SAS will be a great place to get two rings.
    How many sweeps in the east? I say Atlanta and Cleveland for sure, Bulls maybe.
    In the west, GS in five. All other with chances of going 7
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    Re: The NBA Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by patrick View Post
    East : Atlanta - Washington - Chicago - Cleveland
    West : Golden State - Memphis - San Antonio - Houston
    Wise picks.

    Last year, top seed from West and #2 seed from East made the finals.

    If that hold up this year, we'll have Cleveland vs. Golden State in Finals.

    I just don't see Golden State getting anywhere and I think Cleveland will be ousted in the conference semis, heck-->they may not make it past Boston.

    Spurs are not good enough to repeat, me thinks....tough to pick anything this year, I am not picking nothing yet!
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    Re: The NBA Thread

    We are halfway through the first round, if I can call it that after 2 games, I will update with results after the round.
    For now both 5th seeds are ahead of 4th seeds on both ends.
    Defending Champions, the 6th seed in West, are tied 1-1 against LA clippers.
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    Re: The NBA Thread

    Seriously watching New Orleans for the first time. They're up 83-67 on Golden State in the third quarter.
    There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.

    ― Frank Zappa

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    Re: The NBA Thread

    Warriors came back from 20 point deficit at start of 4th quarter to win in overtime. Pelicans didn't seem in a hurry to foul on key occasions. Nearly got enough help from the refs, including one call of an intentional off-ball foul which gave them two shots AND possesion.

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    Re: The NBA Thread

    A bunch of these early rounders may end up in sweeps. There are three teams ahead 3-0
    Three games tonight, four games set for Saturday, four games Sunday. It'll be a busy basketball weekend.
    For playoff standing, check the link here:

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    Re: The NBA Thread

    So far, not one single compelling series other than SAS Vs LAC. ATL, CLE, GS, HOU, WAS and CHI will probably sweep or be done in 5. And as much as I enjoyed last night's Spurs trashing the Clips, it was not a great game. That series has been one terrific overtime and two humdrum home victories.
    And I hope Pop can get the Spurs to understand that last night's crushing counts the same as a one point victory. It means nothing on Sunday, or they can go back to LA without home court ad. But they are experience enough.
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