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    Re: Men's USOSP Picks & Results Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by skatingfan View Post
    It was, Baghdatis only lost six games
    It's just that someone else did the walking
    To a tennis player, love means nothing.

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    Re: Men's USOSP Picks & Results Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Drop-shot View Post
    Welcome all 51 of you survivors! It's a little disappointing that we're being outlived by the women's pool with their 87 but hey who's counting, right? RIGHT?!

    Sorry for that... Lets get back to business... today's picks:

    Haas 22: definitely this round, probably next one, goodbye after that. So yes, this is a good pick.

    Seppi 11: on principle yes. The only thing that disturbs me here is that he hasn't posted strong results in a while; but still, it should suffice to get past Devvarman.

    Granollers 1: I'm getting more nervous with each pick. Frankly, I have a bad feeling about this one.

    F. Mayer 3: plays Donald Young and Murray after that. Wise choice.

    Youzhny 1: suffering from a bad draw, Dolgopolov might pose trouble. It's a risky pick if Alexandr plays like he can. Should he get through, it doesn't get easier as he faces Haas.

    Donskoy 1: only because he's less unknown than his opponent doesn't make him a good choice.

    Nieminen 1: *shakes head*, just because it's Jarkko I'll say he gets through, but there were better choices.

    Istomin 3: another 50-50 match.

    Bogomolov 1: like Nieminen, I favor him... if ever so slightly.

    Wawrinka 1: one of the less obvious choices. Stan hasn't done much in the last few months, while Karlovic has had a resurgence. Still, Ivo tends to underperform at slams and Stan has too much game to not find a way around his opponent in a 5 setter. I think he still makes the cut.

    Anderson 6: one of the better options out there today. Baghs is a shadow of his former self. Then it'd be Anderson-Wawrinka which I'd avoid and then Berdych.

    On the other hand I believe [as it was proven] that thinking that a former experienced finalist like Baghdatis is going to lose just because he is not playing very well this year is....well...not very wise...

    Good luck all with remaining picks..!!!

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    We lost 1 Bogomolov, 1 Nieminen and 6 with Anderson.

    Officially, 43 on to day 6.

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    Re: Men's USOSP Picks & Results Thread

    LOL, the one time Drop Shot agrees with my pick, Baghdatis decides to show up and play like it was 2006. The positive thing is, I like his game and was so fun to watch. Trust him to go back to being his 2013 self for the next one against Wawrinka.

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