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    Re: "UPDATED" - AOSP MENS Picks & Results Thread

    Terrific Job!!!!!!!!!! [smiley=woot.gif]
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    Re: "UPDATED" - AOSP MENS Picks & Results Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by mu_royals
    Thanks to all for the congratulations. I’m pretty excited to win the title! Obviously it was more luck than anything. It’s pretty clear from reading the boards that my tennis knowledge doesn’t rate real high compared to many of you. I didn’t go thru the bracket and pick who would make the semi’s before the start of the tournament although I did have some players that were obviously off limits in the early rounds. When it got to the round of 16 I started playing out scenarios to make sure picks wouldn’t completely box me in for the end game. Of course the right players have to win to make that possible.

    In analyzing my picks and where things went right, I got a little lucky when Stepanek rallied from two sets down to beat a guy (Dlouhy) who had won 16-14 in the fifth in his first round match. I actually thought it was all over when Stepanek went down two sets (and possibly a break in the third?).

    From that point it was fairly easy picks (Ginepri, Djokovic, Davydenko) until the Tommy Robredo-Richard Gasquet match. Going with Robredo when most took Gasquet or David Ferrer was probably my key pick in the whole contest. Then I got a little lucky in picking Nadal instead of Blake (the Nalbandian/Haas match was off limits because of prevous picks in the other half of that quarter). Going into that day I felt like if Blake and Nadal played that Blake would win AND I felt that Blake’s match with Gonzalez was tougher than Nadal’s match with Murray. It also made sense that if Gonzalez was playing well enough to beat Blake that he would at least have a shot against Rafa.

    Roddick on the next day was a no-brainer and then I had forced myself into a corner with Tommy Haas and again got a little lucky. I’m not sure I really expected Haas to beat Davydenko but I knew he had a shot. And when all the other picks went for Davydenko I figured this was working out for the best anyway since it would potentially give me a shot at winning the whole thing out right. I got up in the middle of the night to check the score of the Haas-Davydenko match and saw that Hass was down two sets to one and had won a total of like 3 games in the previous two sets. So I went back to bed thinking I was toast.

    In sum, I advanced three times in five set matches(Stepanek/Nada/Haas). Well, that’s probably more analysis than anyone cared to read. Thanks again for running the contest. It was awesome! I hope to defend my title next year.
    What? No "thanks" and "good game" to the runners-up? ;D

    Congrats, again. You deserve all athe accolades with your great picks.

    My Beloved Mother

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    Re: "UPDATED" - AOSP MENS Picks & Results Thread

    Quiet weekend...

    Let me be the first to congratulate Mu_Royals...on BEATING THE DRAW!
    A Canadian Slam winner? Inconceivable!

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    Re: "UPDATED" - AOSP MENS Picks & Results Thread

    Congrats again Mu_royals, you will be joining the the Wall of Fame!

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