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    Re: AMitS 2013: The Yarra River Lounge

    This possibility is why I thought adding Vika would pay off...having Sloane definitely helps too.

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    Re: AMitS 2013: The Yarra River Lounge

    Li beating Radwanska and Stephens beating Serena has thrown the whole leaderboard into a state of chaos. I noted that a lot of people (me included) had both Radwanska and Serena on their team. It this moment, I have no clue about who is going to win AMitS.
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    Re: AMitS 2013: The Yarra River Lounge

    I have no clue so I'm deluding myself into thinking I still have a chance...especially if the Stephens-Vika winner wins the final.

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    Re: AMitS 2013: The Yarra River Lounge

    (This is after the women's semis, before the men's semis.)

    I checked out the top four again, along with four other teams that looked like they had a decent shot of catching up. I think these are relatively close to what the scores are, but I make no promises.

    Also note that all six of the teams listed below have both Djokovic and Murray and I added no points for them. The end scores will actually be much higher than what's listed, but with no difference in the order.

    Patrick---------7295 and Azarenka (+0 or 600)
    Ptmcmahon---7175 and Azarenka (+0 or 600)
    Charlie--------7025 and Li (+0 or 600)

    Miles--------- 6700
    Wayland------6635 and Fed (+0, 680, 1280)
    I think the scenarios are as follows:

    Patrick medals no matter what.

    If Federer makes the final, Waylandboy medals along with Patrick. The other medallist will be decided between me and Ptmcmahon (me if Li wins, Ptmcmahon if Azarenka wins).

    If Federer loses in the semis, the medallists will be Patrick, Ptmcmahon, and myself (in that order if Azarenka wins, with me jumping to gold if Li wins).
    Note that THESE MAY ALL BE WRONG. I glanced through the teams below the top four to see who had semifinalists, but didn't check four teams who had a non-Djokovic/Murray SFist but were way way behind. I also could have easily not carried a one somewhere (and end up in dead last ).

    I ran through all six game-affecting scenarios, miniaturized below:

    Federer is runner-up, Azarenka wins
    Gold: Patrick, Silver: Ptmcmahon, Broze: Waylandboy

    Federer wins, Azarenka wins
    Gold: Waylandboy, Silver: Patrick, Bronze: Ptmcmahon

    Federer is runner-up, Li wins
    Gold: Charlie, Silver: Waylandboy, Bronze: Patrick

    Federer wins, Li wins
    Gold: Waylandboy, Silver: Charlie, Bronze: Patrick

    Federer SF, Azarenka wins
    Gold: Patrick, Silver: Ptmcmahon, Bronze: Charlie

    Federer SF, Li wins
    Gold: Charlie, Silver: Patrick, Bronze: Ptmcmahon
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    Re: AMitS 2013: The Yarra River Lounge

    I hope you're right

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