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    Re: Injury and Illness

    Kim Clijsters
    I’ve had to make the decision that I will not be able to compete in January. I am undergoing rehab and treatment for a knee injury. It’s a setback but I’m determined as ever to get back to the game I love. I really appreciate all your support and encouragement.
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    Re: Injury and Illness

    She hasn't even come back to the tour and she is already injured? Drop it, Kim. Those that love you will do regardless of what happens, but if you need to rehab over a knee injury that (I guess) you got while training, the first match against a real player might kill you.
    Missing winter...

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    Re: Injury and Illness

    Louisa Chirico posted an update on IG

    Appreciation post because I miss it🎾❤️Update for everyone asking

    Unfortunately my shoulder isnt healing as quickly as Id like, but it is improving (slowly but surely!) Doing everything I can to heal quickly and avoid having surgery - it has been a frustrating few months but I am incredibly motivated to come back strong and healthy ASAP! Big thank you to all my friends/family/fans for the constant support and positivity! 🥰

    Be back soon,

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