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    Re: Techno-babble Random Random

    World and Science

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    There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.

    ― Frank Zappa

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    Re: Techno-babble Random Random

    Ok. So I finally succumbed to my inner child (my inner spoiled rotten little POS brat, I should say) and bought a drone. A DJI Mavic Mini, to start taking some aerial photos.
    Are there more people in the forum that use drones? I want to know a few things about night flying and such, if possible. Plus, the big question: I still have a grace period to buy a replacement insurance. What are the chances I will lose this one, seeing as I am a first time flyer?
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    Re: Techno-babble Random Random

    No one has responded to this, Ponchi. I don't have one, and really haven't contemplated getting one, but I hope you'll let us (or at least me) know how you get along with it.


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    Re: Techno-babble Random Random

    Ok. Seems nobody here flies drones. So I guess I am the guru...
    The one I got is easy to fly. It comes with a remote control that you connect to your phone. It can be Android or iPhone, and then, of course, you download an app. The app will let you fly the drone.
    It comes with enough software to make it easy. After powering on, you just press a virtual button on the app and the machine will take off. It will hover at 4 feet high, in front of you. From there, the RC is used. Two sets of joysticks for UP, DOWN, ROTATE LEFT or RIGHT (Left stick). Right stick for FWD, RVR, Slide left or Slide Right.
    Three pre-programmed modes: position, sports, cinema. Position gives you the most accuracy in handling. Sports: you know what for. Cinema: everything in slow motion.
    It has a RTH function: Return to Home. If it is far away (it has a range of two miles) you just press the RTH and it will come back to you.
    Battery: blatant lie from the manufacturer. They said 30 minutes per battery, but it is more like 15. Anyway, I got three, so that gives me some flying time.
    Last: I am very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the shots. HD in both shots and clips, and very stable. The camera is mounted on a gimbal, so it does not shake.
    So far: 8/10 for what I wanted. As I am in Colorado, I need to take some more shots and work on it a bit.

    For somebody into hiking or wilderness shots, this could work very well. And it is light enough for carrying it.
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    Re: Techno-babble Random Random

    I don't have a drone, never looked into getting one. But I looked into it quickly for you since you don't use social media where an answer to something specific like this could be found. Reddit users recommend getting the relatively inexpensive DJI Care Refresh one year warranty for your drone and see how it goes. There is also a story up on Reddit of someone using it and having a good experience.

    If you want to read that experience go Here

    It does kinda seem like a warranty that allows for accidents is a good idea. Wasn't really thinking of the various ways it could crash.

    Also, you're in Colorado? I can't keep up with you!

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    Re: Techno-babble Random Random



    Copying tactics pioneered by Chinese students, people are swamping app stores with negative reviews of classwork apps, in an effort to put an end to homework during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

    Google's cloud meeting app Zoom and schoolwork app Google Classroom have both suffered massive nosedives in their Google Play Store ratings, in part due to students trashing the tools schools are requiring them to use while stuck at home amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has spread to 160 countries. As of Monday, schools are closed for more than half of all students in the United States.

    Washington Post reporter Hamza Shaban pointed out the downward nosedive in the two app's Play Store ratings, which may be part of an ad hoc rebellion against the schoolwork apps meant to delist them from the app store.

    The trend mirrors a similar student-led backlash in China at the beginning of March. According to the London Review of Books, Chinese students have been using an app called DingTalk to continue online lessons while in self-quarantine at home.

    "Somehow the little brats worked out that if enough users gave the app a one-star review it would get booted off the App Store," London Review of Books contributor Wang Xiuying writes.

    While tens of thousands of negative reviews from students knocked the app from a 4.9 to 1.4 rating, DingTalk was never removed from the App Store. Whether or not the similar wave of negative reviews directed at Zoom and Google Classroom is intended to get the app delisted (since they're both official Google apps, that seems unlikely), the reviews reveal how frustrating it is for students to find that their usual homework load has followed them into coronavirus isolation.

    "Have to use this for a class. I hate here," one reviewer said.

    "SHUT THIS APP DOWN," another one-star review reads, in all-caps. "I AM BECOMING STRESSED AND DEPRESSED BECAUSE OF SCHOOL."

    While earlier negative reviews for the apps focused on poor documentation or dropped conference calls, the most recent one-star reviews all share a similar sense of frustration at the tech-imposed homework burden.

    Much of the barrage of negative reviews are just one word—"bad," most commonly—while others are, uh, a little more creative:

    "Cultist application, DO NOT USE!" one reviewer begins. "This application, when installed, insist that A Human sacrifice is made. I repeatedly stated I would not do so, to which it asked again and when ever I clicked the 'No thanks, Almight Lord Satan' for the (what I believed to be) 100th time, my left arm disappeared and a voice spoke to me and said 'you must follow the Almight Lord Satan.'" [sic]

    While the mass expression of frustration won't end the flow of classwork and homework, it has successfully downgraded the app's overall rating. Google Classroom is now down to a 2.0 rating, with one-star making up the vast majority of reviews. Google Zoom, which is used in office as well as school environments, has fared better, coming in with a score of 3.6.

    "Because of this app we have to study! Why u r expecting a 5 star!" one review for Google Zoom says. The barrage of negative reviews may demonstrate considerable creative writing skills, but grammar lessons must continue.

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    Re: Techno-babble Random Random

    There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.

    ― Frank Zappa

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    Re: Techno-babble Random Random

    I know it is the role of the teacher to be innovative and inspiring.
    But the student must be curious, skeptic and motivated.
    And if you can't get yourself to learn something during a 45 days lockdown, man, are you not ready to join any interesting workforce.
    And yes, idiots.
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    Re: Techno-babble Random Random

    Posting this here so it doesn't get lost in the main COVID-19 thread since it is tech related.

    A few have mentioned they have family and friends who might be falling on hard financial times because of coronavirus and the related shutdowns. There are a lot apps that suggest that they can be helpful at a time like this to some of these people, helping with budgeting and saving. I've seen commercials for several apps and I was suspicious when I saw them and I looked them up many months ago for confirmation.

    Apps like Earnin, Dave, Brigit, Branch and many others are all modern payday loans in the form of an app. They might look different, have names that don't give them away, claim to help with budgeting and the like, but that's all they really are. Make sure those who might fall on hard times soon aware that this is the case, so they don't make a bad situation even worse by signing up for a loan that will soon balloon into something they truly can't afford.

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