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Joan McCracken? I wasn't familiar with her, but yeah, that was interesting. Also, that was not my guess on what you were Googling, so very glad that you shared.

I hear you on what Nicole is sharing and remembering from a child's point of view. I'm not sure. I think maybe she's more like the people who love Michelle and think she's doing Gwen justice and not like me, who are like, wow, she's quite a user and manipulator, do you realize what she's giving off? Some flat out aren't seeing that in the character, whether that's because they honestly don't see it or have blinders on because they are fans already of Gwen's, I don't know. I'm not familiar with Gwen at all, so I'm coming into this with no preconceived notions of any kind about Gwen.
Re Gwen that makes two of us. Fosse, from what I've seen so far, was, as you correctly describe him a pill popping narcissist. Gwen was more quietly manipulative and I give Williams credit for bringing that part of her out.

That's why the domestic goddess scenes rub me the wrong way.