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    Re: [Golf] News and Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by fastbackss View Post
    The crazy thing? He was playing so well. I had relatives over, and had it on in the background so I didn't have to socialise. I was asked "well, who's going to win?" I said Spieth going away...and then came the quad. It was a suliso-esque performance by me...
    That's so weird. We had family over too and I said more than once that Jordan would win, that with this lead he's untouchable. Even after the first waterball I thought, "Dude. Get it together." And I just assumed he would.

    I thought it was heartbreaking.
    Oh Grigor. You silly man.

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    Re: [Golf] News and Discussion

    It is so funny....I watch at least the last 2 rounds of the Masters every year, and it never fails to bring great drama. And yet, I also always feel guilty watching it......the people who run that club are over-the-top bigots, xenophobes, sexists, and homophobes. And it is just TOO cute that they make the TV announcers say certain the spectators are all "patrons" and the announcers are, by contract, not allowed to say anything negative about the course or the tournament.

    But about the great drama....the 3 holes-in-ones on 16 were almost enough drama to justify watching, especially Oosthuizen's bank shot off his playing partner's ball. But Jordan Spieth had a FIVE-shot lead leaving the 9th green and managed to lose by 3. This is the sort of thing that makes this must-see TV. As a somewhat serious golf-fan, I wasn't the least bit surprised at Danny Willett's win. He has been an amazingly steady player on the European tour for several years. He is largely unknown on this side of the Atlantic, but that doesn't mean he isn't really good.

    Like always, I watched it a bit tape-delayed so I could fast-forward through all interviews and certain other slow moments, but otherwise, I basically saw every minute of the last 2 rounds. So I'll just keep on bitching about this tournament, and then totally hypocritically watching it spellbound.


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    Re: [Golf] News and Discussion

    Having a couple of weeks of a relative lull in life events, I also watched the NCAA women's golf championships the last 3 evenings. I had not tried to watch that prior to last year. Then, while being largely stuck at home taking care of a sick dog a year ago, I watched the final rounds in 2015. It is hard to believe, but the final match of 2015, when Stanford beat Baylor for the title, was possibly the most dramatic golf finish I saw in 2015 in any format. I won't describe it here, but it was so gripping that I consciously decided I would watch again this year.

    And this year's final 2 rounds may have actually beat out 2015. The semi-final win of Washington over UCLA featured an insane come-back by one of the Washington golfers to win her match, which turned out to be the deciding match. By the way, the 8 teams that qualify out of stroke-play play match-play quarters, semis, and finals. Each match at that point consists of 5 individual matches, and the team that wins at least 3 wins the match.

    This year's final match, where Washington beat Stanford 3-2, was definitely the most gripping golf I've seen this year. Each team won one match somewhat easily, leaving the overall result to the other 3 individual matches. And each of them featured an unbelievable finish.......shots holed from fairways, extra holes, each team having chances to win, etc.

    I know that many people find watching golf to be painful (my partner won't do it). But for those of you who are golf fans, this would have been about as good as it gets. I'm planning to watch the men's NCAA's this coming week. I'm pretty sure it won't be able to top the women's for either quality of play or drama.


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    Re: [Golf] News and Discussion

    US Open 'amateur' and 'a joke'

    Dustin Johnson has claimed his first major - but only after a farcical end to the US Open that drew criticism from Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth.

    Johnson played his last seven holes knowing he had to review a possible rules infringement after the round.

    He shot 68 to finish five under but was then penalised a shot for making his ball move on the fifth green, despite being initially absolved of wrongdoing.

    McIlroy called organisers "amateur" and Spieth said the decision was "a joke".

    Johnson's score was amended to four under, but he still finished three strokes ahead of Irishman Shane Lowry and American duo Jim Furyk and Scott Piercy.

    Lowry started the final round at Oakmont with a four-shot lead but blew that advantage on the first nine holes.

    However, there was confusion over how big a lead Johnson had because nobody knew if he would be penalised.

    When Lowry was told, he bogeyed three holes in succession.

    England's Lee Westwood, playing alongside Johnson, started the day on two under par but carded a 10-over-par 80 to finish on eight over.

    What did Johnson do?

    Standing over his ball on the fifth green, he made two practice putts. As he prepared to address the ball to take his putt, it moved slightly.

    Johnson stepped away, claiming he had not addressed the ball. He checked with a rules official, who was happy there had been no infringement, and playing partner Lee Westwood also absolved him of blame.

    Johnson, US Open runner-up last year who missed out on a play-off at the 2010 US PGA as a result of a rules violation, went on to par the hole.

    But another rules official approached Johnson on the 12th tee and, after a discussion, decided they needed to review the footage of the incident after he had completed his round because he could face a one-stroke penalty.

    It meant there was some confusion out on the course among players as to how many shots Johnson was in the lead by.

    The penalty stroke was eventually upheld and Johnson, whose victory moves him up to world number three, signed for a one-under-par 69.

    Johnson claimed he was not affected by the intervention from officials.

    "At that point, I just thought I'd deal with it when I'm done," he said. "I tried to block it out and not let it bother me. Who cares, it doesn't matter any more."

    The USGA's director of rules Jeff Hall said he had watched video of the incident and decided Johnson's actions "could have caused the ball to move".

    Hall added: "The first time we had the opportunity to speak to Dustin was the 12th hole. We asked if there was some other reason the ball could have moved. He didn't state a reason. We decided not to review it with Dustin at the media tent on the 13th hole and instead wait till the end."

    But 2011 US Open champion McIlroy and defending champion Spieth were not impressed with how things developed.

    McIlroy said Johnson should not have been penalised and suggested he would not have hit another shot until the "farce was rectified" if he had been in the American's situation.

    Spieth said the incident should not be overlooked just because Johnson went on to claim a "multiple-shot victory", while Rickie Fowler called the incident "completely ridiculous" and "laughable".

    Lowry 'upset' at closing effort

    Lowry had held the lead going into the final round but refused to use the confusion surrounding Johnson's penalty as an excuse for his own demise.

    He had already bogeyed four holes to drop to three under, two behind Johnson, by the time he learned of the potential penalty.

    "It didn't affect me much at all," he insisted.

    "I credit Dustin for playing the way he played on the way in, having that hanging over him, because I probably would have wanted to know straight away if it was me. I'm very disappointed. The more I think about it the more upset I'm getting."

    Ironically, Lowry called a one-shot penalty on himself during round two when his ball moved after he had addressed it on the putting surface of the 16th hole.

    "It's going to be a tough few days," he added. "I led the US Open by four and I was tied for the lead with five holes to play."

    What about the rest?

    Former world number one Westwood started the day five off the lead.

    However, a run of five bogeys and a double bogey in six holes from the second shattered his round and extended his run to 73 majors without a victory.

    Westwood had just one birdie, on the par-four 17th, as he recorded a 10-over-par 80 to finish on eight over.

    Andrew Landry, the world number 624, who led after round one and stayed in contention all week, finally succumbed to the pressure in round four.

    Playing in the final group with Lowry, the American carded an eight-over 78 to finish five over par.

    Sergio Garcia threatened again at a major, reaching three under par on the 13th, but a run of three successive bogeys ended his challenge.

    Like Westwood, the Spaniard is still searching for a first win in one of golf's four big tournaments.

    Furyk's four-under 66 was the lowest round of the day and catapulted the 46-year-old, who won the 2003 title, up to a tie for second with Lowry and Piercy.

    Piercy opened with back-to-back birdies to get to two under and picked up another shot on the 12th but closed with bogeys on the 16th and 18th holes.
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    Re: [Golf] News and Discussion

    It was a joke. But, on the other hand, his practice putts were not even millimeters away from the ball. This guy was practicing his putts so close to the ball you could not wedge a credit card in between the putter and the ball.
    Good for him he won by 4.
    Starry starry night

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    Re: [Golf] News and Discussion

    The big joke was when the guy from USGA came on was clear they had already decided there was going to be a penalty. Even when he wins it's always interesting with DJ.

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    Re: [Golf] News and Discussion

    Bryan Armen GrahamVerified account
    PGA statement on #RyderCup fan conduct issued minutes ago.

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    Re: [Golf] News and Discussion

    Ti, and anyone else who pays attention to this thread....

    As is typical, I watched the Ryder Cup well after it was over, unspoiled, with liberal use of fast-forward. Anyway, I finished it this morning. A few points (I'll try not to let this rant get as long as it usually does about this event):

    1. While most of the fans were vocal but very well-behaved, there were far too many incidents of inappropriate heckling. I'm glad the security staff were throwing those people out, but it is embarrassing that that occurs. I have seen such incidents at Ryder Cups in Europe, but far less frequently.

    2. Whatever one thinks of the fans on the 2 continents, the European players are FAR better at the sportsmanship of losing. They were totally gracious that to 2014, when the American players sulked and scowled the whole afternoon and evening after it was clear they had lost, and then had that VERY contentious press conference, where Phil Mickelson so inappropriately let Tom Watson have it (in front of Tom himself and all the press). It seemed that each person on that team, including Tom the coach, was determined to blamed everyone other than himself. They were simply outplayed, and it will happen again in the future. I would love for them to learn how to be gracious losers by the next time it happens.

    3. I find this event fascinating.....I really do. But I still think it is way over-hyped. They have turned it into such a big deal that the coach must spend the last year before each event dealing with almost nothing else. At least in this country, one could not help but notice how much more this is hyped than Olympic golf was. Men's golf continues to prove to me that it does not deserve to be in the Olympics.

    4. To lessen the hype and bickering, I still think the best way to pick the teams would be to simply take the top 12 off of each side's points list. They have worked and worked to get the best way to assess points leading up to that. So why not just take the top 12 and get rid of so much time wasted by the coach worrying about his picks, and so much time wasted by the press on this silly little point. Also, then players left off wouldn't have to guess whether it was their play that kept them off, of it was the fact that the coach is buddies with so-and-so, or whatever. The coach's role should be to advise the team as needed, oversee logistics, and have the final say on setting up pairings.

    5. The Europeans really did lose this one fair and square. If I had to second-guess Darren Clarke, it would be in playing Lee Westwood on Saturday afternoon. Lee's putting was simply atrocious, and they knew it was. There were other people playing better who should have played that session.....but then, this would not have altered the outcome, so who really cares?

    By my standards that was a short Ryder Cup rant. GH

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    Re: [Golf] News and Discussion

    This is a tough read, but I am glad I did. I really knew a lot less about "the situation" he talks about than I thought I did...

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    Re: [Golf] News and Discussion

    Tough read and tough video. Thanks for sharing.

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