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    Re: [Golf] News and Discussion

    It truly has amazed me over the last 4 years or so how, every year, practically the most dramatic golf of the year is provided by the women's NCAA championships. The top 8 teams from 3 rounds of stroke play progress to match play, where, based on the order of finish in stroke play, the 8 teams play matches in quarterfinals, semis, and finals. Every year, they manage to have an amazingly high level of play, while always managing to have nail-biting finishes. Each team plays five individual matches, so any team must win 3 matches to win.

    So far, the quarterfinals are done, with semis and finals scheduled for today. The 4 quarterfinals were seemingly trying to out-do each other in drama. This is how each ended:

    #6 Arizona beat #3 Southern Cal when the last player made a long birdie putt on 18 to win her match. Interestingly, the player who did so was the same player who, last year, made a long birdie putt to win the deciding match in the NCAA finals, with Arizona beating Alabama 3-2 in last year's championship match. Score therefore 3-2.

    #2 Duke beat #7 Stanford when the last match ended on the 24th hole (!!!!). That became the longest match in NCAA championships history. Both players in that last match had chances to win, but the level of play was great. Score therefore 3-2.

    #5 Wake Forest beat #4 Arkansas (playing on Arkansas' home course) with two matches coming to the wire and Wake Forest having to win both to win. In one of them, the Wake player held on to a lead she had had for a while, but still had to hold off a late charge on the last hole. In the other, the Wake player was tied with her opponent until she made a wonderful birdie putt on 18 for her win. BUT, that's not even all the drama. Another Wake player came to the 17th hole one hole down, and then hit a hole-in-one on that par 3 hole to tie her match. She went on to lose her match forcing the last 2 matches to have to be won by Wake. Score therefore was 3-2.

    #8 Auburn beat #1 Texas: Not to be outdone, three of these matches came to the 18th hole. Texas won one of them on 18 and Auburn won one of them on 18. By then the score was 2-2, and the other match was tied after 18 and went to extra holes, with the Auburn player winning on the 20th hole. Score therefore was 3-2.

    Every match decided by, at least, the last singles match ending in high drama, and all matches scored 3-2. It really doesn't get better than that for match play drama.

    Today's coverage is on the Golf Channel. While, as always, I'll tape it and watch it later, this really has become must-see TV for me over the last few years. So far, it has never disappointed.


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    Re: [Golf] News and Discussion

    My post #675 in this thread was my similar rant posted last May 25 about the quality of last year's NCAA women's championship. GH

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    Re: [Golf] News and Discussion

    Brooke Henderson won her ninth title today, making her the winningest Canadian golfer of all time at just 21.

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    Re: [Golf] News and Discussion

    And Brooks Koepka nearly won the US Open for the third year in a row...he certainly made a mad charge, birdieing four of the first five holes. Woodland never blinked and stayed 2 or 3 shots ahead the whole time...even finishing it in style with a long birdie.
    A Canadian Slam winner? Inconceivable!

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    Re: [Golf] News and Discussion

    06 JULY 2019
    Statement / John Daly

    The R&A have carefully considered the request from 1995 Champion Golfer of the Year John Daly to use a buggy at The 148th Open at Royal Portrush later this month. The R&A appreciate the difficulty John is facing and have full sympathy for him as this is clearly a serious, long-term condition.

    Having considered all of the relevant factors, the Championship Committee has decided to decline his request. The R&A believe that walking the course is an integral part of the Championship and is central to the tradition of links golf which is synonymous with The Open. We must also ensure that, as far as possible, the challenge is the same for all players in the field.

    The terrain at Royal Portrush is not suited to buggies and indeed the club itself does not permit their use. We have a serious concern that some parts of the course, where there are severe slopes and swales, would be inaccessible.

    This is not a decision we have taken lightly but we believe it is the right one for The Open. John has a special place in our hearts as a Champion Golfer and he will always be welcome at the Championship both at Royal Portrush and in future.
    “No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up.” – Lily Tomlin.

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    Re: [Golf] News and Discussion

    As many of you know, golf is a sport with which I have what one would call a love-hate relationship. I sort of love it, but I also definitely hate it. And the love and hate extend to my opinion of things about the professional sport.

    John Daly's request is something I can easily see from both sides. I think it is hypocritical of the golf big-wigs to say that walking is an integral part of the game when there are thousands of courses all over the world that don't even allow players to walk. I fail to see how letting John Daly ride a cart gives him an excessively unfair advantage.

    But that course is not one that is built or maintained for golf carts. That is at least what they claim, and it is likely pretty true. But when you are watching, I'll bet you'll see the rules officials and the referees driving around in carts.

    But as we consider this, it is also helpful to remember the Casey Martin saga of old, when the PGA went to the courts to try to keep Casey Martin from using a cart on the PGA tour. The PGA lost, as they clearly should have in that case. But what still gets my dander up is my memory of how the old farts lined up to testify against Martin using carts. I'm referring to aging professional golfers, mostly hall-of-famers, who were by then already playing on the Champions' Tour, still making a fortune playing golf. And on that tour, carts were allowed at that time. Currently (I think I understand this correctly) carts are freely allowed on the Champions Tour except at a few of their major tournaments and on a couple of courses where they are felt to be detrimental to the course. And John Daly competes in carts on the Champions' Tour.

    At the time of the Casey Martin case, those old farts (and this included really big names like Nicklaus and Palmer) said that the Champions' Tour was different, because it was "about nostalgia and not about sport." I think we can all argue that a sporting tour where one can earn the money they earn is something that should be taken seriously, and not considered merely "nostalgia". Also, for a real joke someday, look at the criteria for qualifying for the Champions' Tour. It is easy if you have a top reputation from your PGA Tour years. But they have made it incredibly difficult for a 50+ year-old golfer who either didn't play the PGA Tour or was not particularly successful there.

    The PGA's handling of the Casey Martin case was right up there with the players' handling of the Olympics in 2016 as the 2 moments I was most pissed at this "sport." Notice the quotes.....I have no trouble with people who question how much of a sport golf is, and whether it is enough of a sport to even be in the Olympics. (another of my love-hate moments)

    I have not read anyone else's opinion in writing these comments. So I might or might not be saying what others are saying on-line.

    Thanks for letting me rant........GH

    P.S. Casey Martin's story has a pretty happy ending so far. He was/is a wonderful golfer himself, though he was never able to be very successful on the Tour, likely related to his severe handicap. But he has become a very successful and respected college golf coach at the University of Oregon. His team won the NCAA's and one of his golfers won the individual NCAA championship a couple of years ago.
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    Re: [Golf] News and Discussion

    A bit of an update on women's golf:

    1. Yesterday evening was the end of the CP Canadian Open from Ontario. I got to watch much of that last round. Jin Young Ko, the 24-year-old Korean who is well out in front as number one in the world just now, won it by several shots. Her play was astonishingly good. I'm not sure I've ever seen a cleaner round of golf. She went through the entire 72-hole tournament with no bogeys. It had been 4 years since anyone did that in an LPGA tournament (last was In Bee Park in 2015.....she is also Korean and was the Olympic gold medalist).

    2. Brooke Henderson, the best female Canadian golfer of all time, continues to impress. As defending champion, she tied for third at the Canadian Open. She is ranked in the top 10 in the world and clearly one of the very best non-Korean golfers currently.

    3. This tournament marked the end of qualifying for the US team for the upcoming Solheim Cup. The 8 automatic qualifiers included both of the Korda sisters. Nelly finished 2nd and Jessica finished 5th for automatic spots. Beyond the 8 who qualify on points, the next two Americans in world rankings also make the team. And today, Juli Inkster, who is serving as captain for the third time, will announce her two captain's picks to fill out the 12-player roster.

    4. Now an opinion.....I so prefer sports where results are as objective as possible, where opinion (as in judging) doesn't get one ahead. On both the men's and the women's side, the governing bodies have gone to great lengths to come up with these point systems to make the selection of most of each team totally objective. But both genders have anywhere from 2 to 4 "captain's picks" for each team. And it is the captain's picks that always cause the most controversy and ill will. (and incidentally, I don't think I have ever agreed with the entire slate of captain's picks for any team) Anyway, my strong opinion is that, since they go to all this trouble to set up an objective system to pick, why not let that system pick the whole team? The top 12 point-getters make the team, number 13 is the alternate, and the rest can watch it on TV.

    (you all knew there had to be a rant in that note somewhere!!)

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