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    Re: Politics Random Random

    Mayor Pete's kickoff speech was extraordinary.

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    Re: Politics Random Random

    Quote Originally Posted by Ti-Amie View Post
    Pete Buttigieg

    After 9/11 we all said we were changed. That we were stronger and more united. That’s what “never forget” was about. Now, a president uses that dark day to incite his base against a member of Congress, as if for sport. As if we learned nothing that day about the workings of hate.

    That day, some people did this: killed thousands of Americans in order to try to make us smaller, more divided and less free. To weaken us by distancing us from our own values through fear and anger. This is the function of terrorism.

    I served overseas, at risk to my life, in the struggle against such terrorism. But it can only be fully defeated if we have leaders at home who defuse its capacity to sow hate—hate against Islam or against any number of “others.”

    The president today made America smaller. It is not enough to condemn him; we must model something better.

    The threats against the life of @IlhanMN make clear what is at stake if we fail to to do this, and to beat back hate in all all its forms.
    Great response to all this nonsense. He knocked it out of the park, while Gillibrand tanked.

    I think Mayor Pete might be replacing Beto as the wildcard/possible VP/possibly trying to get set up for a future Senatorial/Gubernatorial run.

    He's done a lot of things right, and his husband is very funny on Twitter (what a bizarre thing to play a part).

    Of course, part of his success comes from not receiving a lot of scrutiny. Once The Eye of Sauron notices him, the Bernies Bros and Kamala supporters will unleash the hounds.

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    Re: Politics Random Random

    There are two parts to the Assange mess. One of course is international. The other is national. I don't know if a separate thread is needed yet.

    Adam Klasfeld
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    Adam Klasfeld Retweeted Seamus Hughes
    "While it remains unknown whether Manning and Assange were successful in cracking the password, a follow-up message from Assange to Manning on March 10, 2010, reflects that Assange was actively trying to crack the password pursuant to their agreement."

    Seamus Hughes
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    Affidavit in Assange case just unsealed.
    Adam Klasfeld
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    A few observations about the affidavit:

    * It's dated December 2017, pre-indictment, seeking arrest warrant and criminal complaint.
    * Appears to be based mostly (if not wholly) on Manning-"NF" chat logs that have been publicly known since 2011
    * FBI: "NF"=Assange

    Prosecutors have long believed "NF" to be an Assange pseudonym in these chats, short for "Nathaniel Frank."

    The full affidavit here, h/t @SeamusHughes:

    From a quick scan, there's very little daylight between the allegations in this and what ultimately became the indictment. FBI claims Manning and Assange agreed in chats to hack into a classified military network, under another account to mask her ID. No sign the plan worked.
    "Even if you dance for your enemy on the rock, he will accuse you of splashing water on him." ~ African Proverb

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    Re: Politics Random Random

    Quote Originally Posted by Ti-Amie View Post
    I agree but I don't think he stands a chance.
    He is up to third in the polls.
    And we have been so wrong so many times...
    Starry starry night

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