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    Re: Politics Random Random

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    FYI to anyone who isn't paying attention to the Senate races, that is Lindsey begging for money for his own Senate campaign. Jaime Harrison has him on the ropes in South Carolina and he's been out-raising him as money has come in nationwide for him.

    Me thinks Lady G may have had to pay out a bit too much hush money this year so the well is running mighty dry.
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    Re: Politics Random Random

    This is partially why Lindsey is struggling. National efforts to get rid of Idiot have also stepped up for some opponents of his greatest enablers and have been very effective as fundraising tools. This was posted today, and it's just one of many, and has already been viewed by more than 2 million. Doesn't matter if the people seeing it are in South Carolina, because what it does do is raise money nationally for the Harrison campaign to pay for whatever he needs within the state to beat him. Most polls now have it at a statistical tie.

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