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    Re: Politics Random Random

    I'm sure I've seen that scene from Casablanca 100 times, maybe much more. It never grows old. And it is perfect for so many situations nowadays.

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    Re: Politics Random Random

    Quote Originally Posted by GlennHarman View Post
    I'm sure I've seen that scene from Casablanca 100 times, maybe much more. It never grows old. And it is perfect for so many situations nowadays.
    We tend to use "Casablanca Shocked" here but with all that's going on It was time to ost the video. This clip is the first one I've seen with the lead up to him telling everyone to get out.
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    Re: Politics Random Random

    I very much enjoyed the new Lincoln Project ad targeting the Republican Senators up for re-election who are solid Trump apologists. It is very strong and would seem to be very effective. Since they deserve to be vilified as often as possible, this is the list of Republicans who are running for re-election. This does not include seats from which a Republican is retiring:

    Mitch McConnell KY
    Lindsey Graham SC
    Cory Gardner CO
    Joni Ernst IA
    Steve Daines MT
    Susan Collins ME
    Martha McSalley AZ
    Thom Tillis NC
    Dan Sullivan AK
    Kelly Loeffler GA
    David Perdue GA
    James Risch ID
    Mike Rounds SD
    Ben Sasse NE
    Cindy Hyde-Smith MS
    James Inhofe OK
    Shelley Moore Capito WV
    Bill Cassidy LA
    John Cornyn TX
    Tom Cotton AK

    Everyone on that list voted to acquit Trump during the impeachment trial. Also, every one of them voted to confirm Kavanaugh. Those 2 things alone make them people who should not be re-elected.

    But, on that list are ones who couldn't possibly lose (e.g. Ben Sasse and Tom Cotton) and those who probably will lose (e.g. Cory Gardner and Martha McSalley). While winning the Senate majority is not as crucial as beating Trump, obviously, this is the next most crucial part of the election.
    The Democrats will probably lose Doug Jones' seat in Alabama. The Democrats need a net gain of 3 seats if Trump loses or 4 seats if Trump wins to have be the majority.

    There is probably only one seat in play that is currently held by a Republican who is not seeking re-election, and that is Kansas. Still, I would see that as a bit of a long-shot.


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    Re: Politics Random Random

    Ernst blasting President Obama for failed leadership where ONLY two people died from Ebola while in 2020, 130+K and counting have/are dying from COVID-19. Naturally, she did not say failed leadership when CNN asked the question.
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    Re: Politics Random Random

    Patrick, I saw that interview with Joni Ernst. I hope her opponent is making an ad using her comments on Ebola vs. Coronavirus, then explaining carefully what she said. Show that over and over. If Iowans are so stupid they would still vote for her, then there is no hope for them.


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