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    Re: Politics Random Random

    We've discussed it many times, but the question still comes back - how can it be that 40% of population thinks Trump is doing a great job when it's so clear that he is not? Mind you this is separate from supporting the general Republican policies. Below is an asnwer I really like from a US political blog.

    The current era of U.S. history will provide useful raw material for generations of future scholars interested in the study of cognitive dissonance.

    The basic theory of cognitive dissonance, for those who are not familiar, is that everyone has deeply held beliefs. And when information arises that challenges those deeply held beliefs, it causes stress that must be resolved. There are four basic ways to achieve this resolution, which we will illustrate using "Donald Trump is a great president" as an example:

    Change the belief: In this case, "Donald Trump is a great president" becomes "Maybe Donald Trump is not a great president." This is, of course, a tough bridge for many people to cross, and so this is the least common resolution to cognitive dissonance.

    Create an exception to the belief: In this case, ""Donald Trump is a great president" becomes "Donald Trump is a great president, even if he didn't do that well with COVID-19."

    Justify the belief: In this case, ""Donald Trump is a great president" becomes "Donald Trump is a great president, and if he couldn't deal with COVID-19 successfully, then clearly nobody could."

    Ignore contrary information: In this case, "Donald Trump is a great president" becomes "Donald Trump is a great president, and COVID-19 is fake news created by people who refuse to accept that fundamental truth."

    Obviously, Trump supporters have become skilled practitioners of #2 and #3, although that is not unusual, because most people are pretty skilled practitioners of #2 and #3. What's more unusual is the extent to which Trump supporters practice #4, a behavior that seems so contrary to existence as a functional, mentally healthy human being that the fellow who first described the concept of cognitive dissonance in the 1950s (Leon Festinger) had to work hard to convince his colleagues that the behavior actually exists.

    Why are Trump supporters so inclined toward option 4? Well, the President's behavior, from pu**y grabbing, to profiting off of his office, to lying, to immature tweets, to Ukraineyola, to COVID-19 creates a lot of cognitive dissonance. Options 2 and 3 actually produce a pretty heavy cognitive load, such that it's difficult for a person to utilize them too often and still keep their belief system straight. Meanwhile, the culture wars have caused a whole bunch of otherwise unrelated things to become conflated: support for Trump, gun rights, religion, masculinity, self-determination, whiteness, liberty, the future, etc., such that rejecting the President threatens to undermine the whole system of belief. After all, if I/my pastor/my father/my spouse/my mother/my best friend were wrong about Trump, what else was I/my pastor/my father/my spouse/my mother/my best friend wrong about? Anyhow, if #1 is off the table, and #2 and #3 have been deployed to their (cognitive) breaking point, then #4 is pretty much all that's left. To use another psychological buzzword, it's a classic defense mechanism.
    Roger forever

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    Re: Politics Random Random

    Although I like the posting, I disagree to an extent. Tiny's 40% of acolytes remain faithful and blind because of the core qualities that binds them together: racism + xenophobia + misogynism. They simply remain attached to this fraud because not other figure articulates these positions as clearly as Tiny does.
    Therefore, CD position #5 enters the fray: "He is a perhaps not a great president, but he is better than any other president because he holds the same beliefs I do, and acts in that way too". Call that IGNORE THE QUESTION AND FLIP IT.
    Face it. It's the apocalypse.

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    Re: Politics Random Random

    Almost all of the people who live right around us are Trump supporters. For me, Ponchi's position #5 describes almost exactly the way I believe that most of them think. This belief is in fact largely conjecture, because I cannot bring myself to discuss politics with any of them. But the comments I hear would put them in category #5. GH

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